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Hair Transplant Kolkata – Hair Transplant among Celebrities

Hair loss now has been a common problem and one of the sensitive issues. Many celebrities like Elton John, Nicholas Cage and Sylvester Stallone have gone through hair transplantation. They have undergone this process and now feel like younger, more rested and happier than before.

A sensational report was broadcasted by the BBC News Magazine in 2004 that Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister of Italy, had to endure public humiliation. He had to appear before public with a white bandana to put an end of the speculation that he had undergone hair transplant surgery. Later he admitted that he feels 25 years younger and cosmetic surgery deserve to be respected.

In India hair transplant in celebrities is not an uncommon phenomenon. Cricketers like Vinod Kambli and Virender Sehwag have undergone this method to get hair grow on their heads. Now we get Virender Sehwag in a different look. Bollywood’s star-actors Anupam Kher, Paresh Rawal, Amrish Puri, Prem Chopra etc. have now become handsome stars from their publicly called Bollywood’s bald.

Even women celebrities, Bolywood actress, highly acclaimed singers and dancers have undergone this hair transplant surgery. Indian model cum Odissi exponent Protima Bedi got this surgery to improve her look. Persis Khambatta, an Indian model, actress and author, followed the same like Protima Bedi. Bolywood actresses like Shabana Azmi, Seema Biswas, Antara Mali, Tabu, Shilpa Shetty, Kangna Ranaut. Nandita Das, an award-winning Indian film actress and director, got their her hair transplanted. Many have thanked this method for helping them to be evergreen.

The latest examples are Akshay Khanna (when in 34) and Uday Chopra (when in 36).  They lost their hair earlier and got baldness on their head. But now they have recovered from this state and regained hair. Being satisfied with this process, Akshay Khanna said “life can be pretty dull without hair”.

So from the above picture it is very common that celebrities from India and abroad have taken the advantage of hair restoration. With their full throated ease they have praised this surgery having very positive and useful  effects. According to them this method can give one an improved and better look. It plays a vital role in to give impressive look, effective persona and enliven youth.

If you have a problem like this you can take hair transplantation as the permanent remedy of it. So don’t be depressed, take this method and live a tension-free happy life. It doesn’t cost you much either.

Fashionable Oversized Sunglasses Collection for Female Celebrities

You may not know how popular oversized sunglasses are in present-day shades market, not only for common people, but also celebrities are big fans of this style. Here this article will offer you three pairs different types of fashionable oversized sunglasses for female celebrities, please check them out!
Firstly, let’s start with oversized sunglasses of Kourtney Kardashian. By the way, people may have all got heaps of doubts as to the “reality” of Kourtney Kardashian’s reality shows Keeping Up with the Kardashians, never mind, this show is definitely amazing. Please take a look at her round oversized sunglasses shown in the picture above, needless to say, this pair of Kourtney Kardashian sunglasses feature thick frames and round oversized lenses, which shape her face perfectly. Look, she is hiding beneath these round oversized sunglasses. Obviously, Kourtney’s perfect skin and windblown hair just make her look like the amazing and glamour girl all we know and love.
oversized sunglasses
Hey, fashion guys, just feast your eyes on the exceptionally beautiful rising starlet, Freida Pinto, who is wearing a fabulous pair of oversied sunglasses with black frames. Unlike the majority of oversized sunglasses many stores showcase, this pair of shades has a relatively thin frame, providing maxim lens coverage. Undoubtedly, there is no denying that this is a welcome design in a world of thick frames. In addition, together with her curly hair, pink sexy lips and attractive smile, she looks terrific and fabulous.
oversized sunglasses
The last but not the least, here Nicole Scherzinger was spotted a pair of cool oversized sunglasses. Similar with Freida Pinto’s pair, the shape of Nicole Scherzinger’s oversized sunglasses give us a sense of hipness, one the other hand, the frames of Nicole’s shades seems more elegant.
Anyway, if you wanna find more oversized sunglasses of celebrities style, here Firmoo who stocks a large selection of cheap glasses and sunglasses with stars designs can help you figure it out.

Have ever thought about free eyeglasses or got free ones? If the answer is negative, a piece of good news will perk you up. An optical online store called Firmoo offers free glasses of trendy styles and attractive colors waiting for you. In details, free glasses include free frame, 1.50 single vision lenses and complimentary accessories. The way of getting free glasses is too simple to believe. You only visit their site and you will get the chance to buy you a pair of free glasses. By the way, free eyeglasses are available for first-time customers of firmoo only. One pair per person. Excited about this? Free prices don’t mean inferior quality. It is said that lots of glasses wearers have got much benefits from these high quality eyewear. What comes to your mind while getting to know these free eyeglasses?

Role of media in teenager problems

In today’s world kids are exposed a lot more to media than the exposure their parents got. At the same time technology has made it possible for media to report events and news that were erstwhile impossible. Then there are movies with special effects that have the capacity of bringing any imagination to life. Then there are various video games and to top it all there is internet. While media today has become far more uncensored resulting accuracy of news, one of the major pitfalls of this exposure to sometimes, gruesome facts of life in various parts of the world and closer home. Some of the major teenager problems find their genesis to over exposure to media and news. In the book “Solving Teenage Problems” various teenager problems are discussed in detail along with their symptoms and tips to deal with them. Let us look at various aspects of media, which have negative impact on teenagers:

Violence: News and internet have significant material on violence, mass killings and terrorism, which can lead teenagers to feel that violence and killing are a regular feature of day to day life. Many teenagers also start believing that it is ok to hurt someone or to take revenge because that is what most of the articles and internet sites portray. Hence the teenage generation today is angrier and less tolerant leading to teenager problems related to behaviour and conduct.

Sex: Most western media portray sexuality and related topics without much censorship. As a result most kids feel that it is ok to have a girlfriend or boyfriend and have a sexual life. However, since enough sex education is not available, most teenagers do not learn about pitfalls of unsafe sex and sexual diseases as early as they learn about sex. This entices a lot of teenagers to experiment with unsafe sex leading to teenager problems related to sexual diseases and adolescent pregnancy.

Food: Internet is filled with details on food recipes, various diet programmes and exercise regimes. Most teenagers can easily access this data from the internet and without checking on the validity of these diet programmes and exercise regimes, they experiment with them. This leads to one of the major teenager problems related to eating disorders and resultant health problems.

Careers: Unlike the past when most teenagers aspired to be engineers or pilots or doctors or businessmen, today most teenagers aspire to be celebrities. Celebrity life, habits and income are widely publicised in media today and most teenagers feel that it is ok not to go for higher education and sometimes do something controversial, get publicity and become a celebrity. This way money would flow and they can fulfil their life’s dreams in an easy and quick manner. Some teenager problems related to behaviour and performance at school is directly related to exposure to news related to celebrities, which is freely accessible on net and broadcasted on television.

Media has been solely responsible for changing aspirations amongst teenagers along with influencing them towards more violence and declining performance at school. Most of the teenager problems that we witness today have their roots in exposure to some form of media. Hence as parents we need to be extremely careful on the exposure we give to our kids and the type of communication we have with them. In the book “Solving Teenager Problems”, various tips to improve your communication with your teenager have been explained.

Bollywood News and Video at Just a Finger Tap

Bollywood news and videos enjoy the evergreen craze and fan following across the web and digital platforms. But being a movie buff or ardent follower of latest fashion or lifestyle trend who would not prefer to get hot updates of Bollywood stars in breaking news or sizzling hot videos? Obviously, celebrities grab the most of hot news and in popularity they far exceed the so called political maestros or heroes of any other public domain.

In a country like India where tons of blockbusters are released every year, Bollywood celebrity videos are considered enough hot in comparison to a video depicting live anti-corruption ‘dharna’ or parliament boycott. Bollywood news has enough prowesses to set or invoke a trend either in fashion, oral vernacular of public or in popular stunts. From politicians to management guru to polished corporate top brass to hardcore gangster, everyone has his or her own set of Bollywood preference and following.

Compared to any other domains and categories Bollywood Celebrity Birthday enjoy the highest share in public views among the videos going viral just following a new release. The mass craze to have a glimpse of celebrities attending the last rites of departed megastar Rajesh Khanna or very recent huge internet outpour for latest video of court bound Salman Khan just following the verdict in the Hit and Run case he is accused with – these instances perfectly show how people are insanely crazy to grab the latest celebrity news and latest video.

Now the huge public attention and interest apart what is most important is the increasing role of digital media in making or breaking news. Print or other audio visual media releases also directly or indirectly depends on news and videos published over internet. Making breakthrough news does not always need a certified journalist team with his apparatus. In our digital age anyone capturing a video from his handheld device can publish it over internet and grab the headlines or can go viral in an hour. So called news sources often are seen to run behind these new brand of unconventional breakthroughs.

If gathering and publishing Bollywood celebrity news and videos has more or less become unconventional thanks to widespread digital or mobile capacity, the audience also completely tuned into this emerging digital media. Nowadays, on a mass level instead of tuning on to radio or TV News channel or grabbing the morning headlines in newspaper, people find it convenient to grab the news and corresponding video online. With the young India going smart with smartphones and wearable devices, this is already the dominating trend. Naturally, for the audience the best place to find the latest update concerning their favorite celebrity is the internet and digital media.

With just a few finger tapings on your handheld device screen you can watch, download and share as many celebrity videos as you want from websites catering digital media to millions of internet users. Whether you want to read the latest news update for your charismatic celebrity and want to make a viral comment or just want to attend expert comments and blogs on that news, all is possible just on your device with just tapping of your finger head on the screen.

Many movie goers before deciding on the merit of a movie and booking a show ticket for watching it want to take a look at the movie trailer to have a look and feel of the movie. Reading social posts on that movie or reading a few reviews and comments also help him further to decide. Accessing movie trailer videos, reviews and online posts and comments on a movie you can just have the right feel of the movie and thus wasting your precious time on a cinematic trash is practically impossible if you seek help online rather than just reading the blown up posters with cool heroes.

Celebrity parties and box office news is another most visited category of bollywood news on digital media. Often Bollywood celebrities open up their personal charming sides in parties and invoke gossips with their gestures or affectionate behavior. A cozy personal scene of your favorite hero and heroine outside of silver screen would be more satisfying than most romantic sequences in tons of movies. Web is the best place to grab such virgin and hot videos and breaking news.

Celebrity Trends : Hip to Be Pregnant?

Celebrity Trends : Hip to Be Pregnant?

In the new age of celebrity obsession, it seems pregnancy is now the latest “must have” accessory for many Hollywood stars with and without little ones already at home.

Visit here:

Pregnancy and children used to be considered career suicide in Hollywood.  But now we have the pop culture coined “baby bump“, “bump watch“, and other cutesy-trendy phrases to describe the public’s obsession with who’s pregnant, who’s planning on getting pregnant, and who looks suspiciously pregnant in the world of celebrity gossip.

One would almost be able to say that celebrity pregnancy watches have surpassed divorce and breakup watches – almost, but not quite.  The world loves other people’s “dirty laundry”, and a baby is still considered a generally happy occasion for anyone, so I suppose this new obsession is better than the lust for bad news about stars and their fortunes, right?

A growing trend right now is also single motherhood, and the declaration of independence many young actresses, such as Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz, have recently made about the virtues of single motherhood.

More and more actresses are saying no to marriage, and yes to motherhood, which is probably a sign of a growing sense of feminism and independence in Hollywood, and around the world.

Now that women are in the working force, and many times more than capable of financially supporting themselves and a child, single motherhood has become more acceptable.  In Hollywood, single motherhood has become somewhat of a status symbol. Take Angelina Jolie for example.

When before do you remember a single mother being looked upon with respect and envy?  Angelina and other high fashion, beautiful, big name actresses who’ve said no to relationships and yes to mommyhood only increase the public’s hunger for more “celebrity baby news”.

She and other sexy moms like Diane Lane, Shania Twain and other svelte celebs who’ve given birth have also given new meaning to the term “hot mama”.

These women have helped us “regular” women realize that we don’t all have to stop having fun, looking sexy, and dressing young once we’ve had children.  They’ve made motherhood seem sexy, almost like a new beginning or rejuvenation of the spirit and outlook on life.

Some may argue that celebrity mom glorification makes real life mom’s feel inferior and paints an unrealistic picture of ease and happiness in motherhood, what with all the extra help celebs can afford to hire.

I disagree.  I think it’s taught women that we can pursue a career, and have a family.  We can have it all, we just have to work for it.  And who is going to disagree with that?

Latest Online Odisha News

Odisha News Insight is a a leading 24×7 News Portal which circulate point to paint news of Odisha and India in its Web Portal named as odishanewsinsight  and publish  a weekly newspaper. Truth and impartial news publish is the major moto of ONI and which is continuing since last some years. ONI is a venture of The News Insight(TNI) group.

In 20th century, computer and internet are the essential part of human life. Everyone, directly or indirectly associated with it. In a busy life every People are love to get information through internet. Odisha News Insight is a English weekly Newspaper, which publish true and impartial news in its portal named as, anyone can visit this website and get all the latest news of Odisha, India and World a by a fraction of minutes. When we search breaking news in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, many website are display with their news items, visitor can visit according to their requirement.

Though Odisha is warehouse of many natural resources, many companies take interest to invest on Odisha. There are many visiting place and temples are established. So people are interested to know about Odisha. There lots of News update in day to day life such as Political, Social, Business, IT, Local, Entertainment, Sports, World and many more.  What new company entering into Odisha to investing money, what new project Lunching in Odisha, what is the latest news about various political parties, how celebrates the festivals in odisha, what is update news about Sports, what is latest update about Bollywood industry, what is the upcoming electronic product lunch, all about the holy and attractive places in odisha. Anyone can get all the above news by visiting one website.

ONI circulates breaking News of Odisha not only in Odisha but also all over the world. After opening the website, there several tabs such as Business, Technology, Sports, Political, Social, National, Entertainment, World, Event News. Political tabs describe all the political news of Odisha. Business and Social News describe latest update about business & Social activities in Odisha. Visitor can get news easily about Technology and Sports, by using technology and sports tab. Entertainment and Event tab describes all the news of film industry, cultural program, and event celebrating in Odisha. Along with visitor can get brief news of day to day incident happening all over the world in World Tab.

Current Affairs News Online – Information About The World Available At Your Home

News can be transmitted faster through technology all over the world.
People can have complete control of what news they want to read about. Traditional newspapers convey local news more than international news while online newspapers from different countries can be accessed for free through internet. There are many advantages for people to convert reading from traditional newspapers to online newspapers.
Any news around the world can be published online within a matter of few seconds. People can be more updated with the help of online newspapers. Current affairs news can be viewed immediately through internet rather than waiting for a day in order to read it on the printed newspapers.
The online newspapers are updated every few minutes and the headlines keeps changing as and when new incidents occur in the world.
Most of the news that is available online is free of cost. People only need a computer and internet connection for browsing through the world news.

It is easy and convenient to read news online and people can multitask while they read online newspaper.
With the help of technology, customization of the news can be done. People, who are interested only in certain sections of news like business news or Sports News, can be provided with options on the website to display only that specific section instead of the entire newspaper.

Certain websites provide the viewers with the ability to discuss the news and events of the world among the peers. The interaction while reading news can make it more interesting.
Different viewpoints can be discussed by people all over the world for specific news.
The online newspapers provide the medium for the society to communicate back to the media. It can help them improve their ways of publishing news.
As traditional newspapers are printed on papers, the invention of online newspapers helps to create a greener environment by preserving the trees that are used for papers.
Purchasing newspapers can use up plenty of time and money which can be minimized by reading online newspapers.
Any news from all over the world can be viewed with just one click of the mouse from the comfort of each person’s home.
People prefer updated and comprehensive news. The unlimited space available on the internet can publish a variety of news and events from all over the world in order to attract as many viewers as possible. Gradually, people are converting themselves into avid online news readers.

The Rise in Popularity of Celebrity Magazines

In recent times, celebrity magazines have jumped to the forefront of the reader’s circle when it comes to magazines. In fact, celebrity magazines have become more popular than news magazines or public interest magazines. Celebrities have always been popular, and people have always liked to subscribe to them. However, there has been a trend recently that puts celebrity magazine readership at an all time high. There are several reasons for this.
First of all, there are simply more celebrity magazines, celebrity gossip centered television shows, websites, and blogs, as well as more celebrity news sources in general. The fact that there are several different magazines that come out every week including celebrity news stories is not only an outcome of the rise in popularity, but part of the cause. When there are so many different news magazines that come out containing different pieces of celebrity news, one sometimes feels as if they need to buy all of them in order to get all of the celebrity news that they were looking for. This is in part what leads to higher readership for celebrity magazines – simply the fact that there are more of them out there that need to be read.
Another reason that celebrity magazines are more popular is that there are more outlets for celebrity news. With half hour news programs that come out each evening during the week containing more tidbits of celebrity news, it is easy to see why the public views news as “info-tainment” and lacking in the credibility it had in the past. In fact, because the major networks have celebrity news gossip on each evening, there is an increase in pressure to churn out weekly news magazines revolving around celebrity gossip, because there is a demand for that kind of material and the magazines can rapidly attract the readership they need.
There are several reasons for increased readership of celebrity gossip news magazines that revolve around the actual celebrities themselves. In recent years, the national news media has made major announcements and brought lots of attention to the stars. For instance, if a celebrity rises from nothing to fame, more people begin to believe that this could also happen to them as well. More people are obsessed with attaining a celebrity lifestyle no matter what their income may be. When a person can relate with the stars in that type of way, they are going to be more apt to buy the celebrity magazines in order to read the gossip about the celebrities.

Yet another reason for the rise in popularity of the celebrity news magazines might be simpler than you think. The celebrities themselves are simply making more news now than they have in the past. More of the celebrities are getting into things other than what they are famous for in the first place. This is a two fold situation for celebrities. For one, there are many celebrities who are doing things because of their celebrity status. They have learned that their names can carry a lot of weight, and if they are to get behind campaigns or causes, people are going to listen to them. This is something that a lot of celebrities have been doing, and this positive use of their fame is something that readers also want to learn a lot about and want to read about on a regular basis – especially if the causes that the celebrities are championing are causes that they agree with as well.
The other reason that celebrities have been doing more lately is not so noble. In fact it is simply the other side of the coin. Many celebrities have been acting out for lots of reasons, and it is this action that is causing there to be more stories about them in the celebrity magazines. Some of these actions might be dangerous, extreme, or just plain stupid – but it is the most over the top and ridiculous stories that get the press worked up and that get readership of the celebrity magazines to be on the rise. Many of the celebrities have simply decided that any press is going to be good press, and will do whatever they can do in order to get the publicity that they need.
No matter what the reason, the different ways that celebrities have become more and more popular has led to a general increase in the amount of readership that each celebrity magazine has. This is not tapering off – it is simply leading to more and more popularity for the celebrities, as well as for the magazines themselves. The celebrities benefit from the publicity, and the celebrity magazines benefit from the extra subscriptions and overall sales that certain celebrities can generate.

Acne Treatment and Celebrities

It might be an astonishing article for most of the people. Nevertheless, it is a fact that celebrities that look like super-perfect human beings even have acne problems; after all, they are human beings too.

Katie Holmes a very cute and pretty actress and the gorgeous Tom Cruise’s second wife, was seen with some sort of pimple or blemish on her face. This imperfection on the face of a celebrity had become hot news.

Few actors have even explained how they have suffered due to acne. Cameron Diaz had explained that she used to suffer from acne in her teen age and even now, she has to worry about her skin particularly when it becomes oily. She worries about acne even in her thirties.

Vanessa Williams is reported to have acne problems. It should be mentioned that Vanessa Williams has won a beauty queen title. She has been famous in her singing career. She said that she was also an acne sufferer in her teens. She has struggled a lot with her acne problems in her youth and now she is a representative of a famous acne treatment brand.

Let us give you another shock…Victoria Beckham…yes of course the wife of famous David Beckham is also a sufferer of acne. The stunning Victoria Beckham had acne problem in her teens but having an oily skin, she suffers from one or two breakouts even now.

Another name in this list is of Alicia Keyes, the lady with flawless skin. She had also suffered from acne in her youth.

Jessica Simpson had also acne problems in her youth but had a proper acne treatment.

This article might be very consoling for teen agers because they often feel inferior when they see all the celebrities with flawless skins. The celebrities have a huge amount of people taking care of their skin. Acne treatment is not a big deal for them. Their skin flaws are often concealed by makeup and lightening therefore, you do not need to worry about your flaws. Just concentrate on the acne treatment you are giving to your skin.

There is a long list of male celebrities who have suffered from acne in the past. We can see the acne scarring on their face often. But their scars are also concealed very skillfully. However, some of these actors look even more graceful with such scarring. Ray Liotta, a very handsome celebrity has evident marks of acne on sides of his cheeks, but they do not look bad.

Another name is James Woods. You will be astonished to hear the name of Brad Pitt in this list. But even with these scarring, which are rarely noticeable, he has millions of die heart fans. Ricky Martin, a teen idol even had acne problems in the past.

All these celebs have recovered so well from acne that it is hard to imagine them with some flaw on their face. Male celebs often hide their acne marks with a handsome beard on important shows.

Looking for news updates, check them at You will find latest celebrity news, sports news, technology, lifestyle, entertainment, politics and breaking news from world wide.

The ease of online trading

In this day and age of the internet many tasks became so much easier to fulfil. In fact many of the things you relied on other people to do for you suddenly became available to you right in your home, without the massive investment on infrastructure.

One very good example of this is trading online. Gone are the days where you had to rely on the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ to carry out your trading transactions, now you can be the ‘Wolf’ of your very own home.

There are now a number of different ways to become your own trader, all you need is access to an online broker to actually complete each transaction you make.

Most companies that provide this service will have the software you require via the download button, bringing the various exchanges straight to your computer screen. With guides and e-books on how to watch the markets, seminars and training on how to profit via the stock markets or via the fx, you can bring the thrill of the trading room floor to your lounge.

Of course on top of all of this, it is a great way to either make an income or supplement your existing income. However, like all types of services and businesses that can provide a profit based upon an initial investment, there are risks,

Turning trades into profit is a risk as they can go down as well as up. How you trade is of course up to you but certainly to start with you won’t want to be doing ‘high risk’ trades and you will need to be researching company results, political events and general news which will have an effect on the markets you wish to trade in.

Before you set off and commit lots of money to online trading we fully recommend you use as much as the learning material that is easily available and study. Maybe use one of the services that provides with a test account so that you can use phantom funds on the ‘real’ markets and see how you get on. Once you are confident you understand the process and think you can do it successfully for real, you can usually just switch over and add funds to trade with.

Finally remember to set limits and on some speculative markets you can make decent profits as well as lose lots of money so never over commit.

6 Ways to Stop Drunk Driving

Drunk driving has been an ongoing issue not only the U.S., but in many areas around the world. Various organizations have tried different things to prevent drunk driving, but this problem keeps going on and on. It seems that every time you turn on the news, there’s a report about a celebrity who’s been caught drunk driving. This problem as become acceptable in our society. Some of the ideas that have been brought up to conquer this drunk driving problem include:
* Passing laws that prohibit open containers in public places. Some states also have laws that prohibit open containers in cars. Whether or not these types of laws have prevented drunk driving is actually difficult to know.
* Special designation on the license plates of people whose driver’s license have been revoked or suspended for a DUI/DWI.
* Restricting nighttime driving for younger drivers.

* Monitoring repeat drunk driving offenders with electronic devices such as ankle bracelets or installing breath analyzing instruments in their vehicles.
* Requiring the government to provide more education in schools and information about alcohol and drunk driving to prospective drivers.
* Have more public service announcements on TV and the radio.
Perhaps more education, increased awareness and harsher penalties would probably be the best combination to prevent drunk driving. Moreover, creating a sense of social responsibility in our children could further reduce DUI instances in the future. Being consistent in advertising or literature is important in educating people on the dangers of drinking and driving. A one-time TV ad or newspaper article isn’t enough these days to convince people to stop their bad behavior!

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Utilizing the Hashtags to create a buzz around your business in 2016

Hashtags are the most followed labels in Social Media to increase visibility & engagement. Hash character sign “#” can be added adjacent to the text or keyword without space. Promote your good cause in this way, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. Basically, you don’t connect with a wider audience on Social Media. But still, if you post anything using Hashtags any user can view your post with relevant search. Optimizing Hashtags actually shorten a process to find updates through social media. Marketing gurus have knowledge of using Hashtags for marketing purpose. Following the trends, folks use Hashtags when they post. But, some of them actually don’t know the right way of using Hashtags.

Initially, Hashtags introduced through Twitter. However, as of now all most popular social media platforms support Hashtags. During the year 2016, marketing experts predict that Hashtags will be dominating during 2016 as well.

The Hashtag trends for 2016:

  • Almost social media users are aware with the utility of Hashtags. People are defining Hashtags for creating buzz around topic, news, brand, object, celebrity, person, event, celebration, natural calamities, crisis, and much more.
  • Mobile app development company along with social media marketing experts gamify a use of Hashtags in the most popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags have power to convert audience into content creators. This strategy might be proved risky for some brands.
  • As per the prediction, emoji actions will have more value. Each day stickers and emoji both are becoming richer and interactive. Predictors say, there would be a time in 2016 when emoji based Hashtags would be trending.

 Effects of Hashtag in marketing

  • Making a Hashtag for brand is beneficial as you can know what people community is saying. Following the Hashtag will allow marketers to observe the trends in Cyberspace. Involvement into the conversations is supposed to make your idea clear, and you can easily know what the other folks are thinking.
  • Hashtag is going to dominate the market as each individual is using Hashtags in the posts. Not only the things, events, products, brands, news, but people will be using Hashtags before their names and sir names. The celebrities continue posting the Tweets for sharing their own views for any sizzling matter. They also share their prospect among the fans. Entertainment networks also crate the Hashtags for promoting channels, shows, etc. And this will be continued in the 2016 as well.
  • With the growing industries, Hashtags would be utilized in creating the communities. Anybody can know the reviews shared by others on a particular topic easily by searching with the Hashtags.

Choosing a relevant Hashtag

When you post anything, many suggestions appear related to your post. Choosing the most popular Hashtag definitely gets a buzz. Selection of Hashtag varies depending upon the idea of your post. Different approaches are there to utilize already created Hashtag or creating a new one. When posting with correlated Hashtag, try to make it content rich & provide additional information. Do not adjust trending Hashtag randomly in your post. Post must be relevant and add some value. When you are going to create your own Hashtag, make sure that the tag is easy to understand, relevant & delivers the exact idea. Creating your own tag for your business brand is tough as it requires amplification, other media promotion and you must broaden your reach. When you Hash around something trending in the news or any upcoming event, then it would be last for a short term.


How social media platforms support Hashtags:

Twitter: While using twitter, the # symbol categorize keywords in Tweets. The ideal number of Hashtags per Tweet is two. It’s called a spam, if you add more tags. Over-tagging is not recommended. Users can use Hashtags anywhere in the Tweet.

Instagram: You can add Hashtag in any post set to public. Point to note is, Maximum 30 Hashtags are allowed to use per post in Instagram. When you with private profile tag posts, it will not be appeared publicly on Hashtag pages. In the Hashtags use of special characters is restricted. You can include numbers. There is a restriction to tag other people’s photos/videos.

Facebook: In Facebook, do not add Hashtags in middle of the sentence. It fails to deliver the actual meaning of post and sometimes for the readers its annoying. Put Hashtags at the end of post. Using relevant keywords would be effective. Only the people with whom you have shared the posts can see the post in Hashtag’s feed.

Google+: When you post using Hashtag on Google+, people can easily search a conversation for any topic and join easily. Stay connected with the world and know get involved in the topic of your interest.

YouTube: Add the comment including Hashtags. When someone clicks on those Hashtags included in comments, video titles, including those words are opened.

Pinterest: Mind well that you cannot search through the Hashtags in Pinterest. Hashtags in the pin description are clickable.

Tumbler: Tumbler shows options to add the tags & it automatically adds a Hashtag when you start typing a tag.


During 2016, each one social media user will be aware of using Hashtags properly in the posts . The marketers will utilize Hashtags to promote their brands among communities. Entering into the conversations relevant to the business trends with valuable information will surely increase popularity. In each industry, current causes would be easily identified through the trending Hashtags.

Mobile app development company along with the social media marketing

Political News in Hindi

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Ok! Magazine

OK! Magazine is a famous weekly British publication, and an American version was launched in 2005.  The magazine features information about celebrity news, and is popular for keeping readers up to date with all the latest gossip.  A new issue comes out every Tuesday, and has an “inner mag” called Hot Shots.
Each and every issue of OK! Magazine features the latest in celebrity news, gossip, photographs, and exclusive details on the hottest stars in the world.  Every Tuesday, OK! brings its readers the latest details about celebrity weddings, fashion, babies, break ups, and more.
OK! Is well known for its rival with Hello! Magazine.  Both magazines always want to be the first to break the latest celebrity news and gossip.  OK! won a lawsuit against Hello!, after the latter published pictures of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s wedding that OK! had all the exclusive rights to.
In 2007, for the first time, OK! broke their rule about only publishing positive celeb profiles, due to Britney Spears’ chaotic year. OK! interviewed Britney’s mom, Lynne, and her sixteen year old sister, Jamie Lynn, who was pregnant at the time.  This issued was OK!’s best selling of 2007.

Britney Spears was featured in OK! Magazine again in August of 2008.  She gave the interview at her home where she claimed that her bizarre behavior is behind her.  She stated that she’s now “happy, healthy, and excited for the future.”  Along with the interview, pictures were published of Britney and her two sons.

Celebrity weddings are the main reason that OK! Magazine is so famous.  As far as celebrity gossip and nuptials go, OK! is more popular than most other magazines.  It did extensive coverage of the Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas wedding, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Jordan and Peter Andre’, and, of course, Victoria and David Beckham, aka Posh and Becks.

Celebrities’ Red Sunglasses Collection: Choose One Pair You Like Most

It seems that red sunglasses have played a dominant role in stars’ world, that means this sort of shades has created a stir in the shades field in recent years. Here this article offers three pair of celebrities’ red sunglasses for women, maybe you can find one pair you like most. Check them out!
·Lindsay Lohan’ s Red Sunglasses
Lindsay Lohan has created a huge stir in the film industry since Mean Girl came out several years ago. As shown in the photo above, it is reported that she skiped out of Malibu’s Promises Rehab Center and paid a visit to the Malibu Country Mart at Cross Creek. Regardless of her busying stuff let’s see the Herbie actress’ s dressing-up style wore a pair of hot red sunglasses together with a summery minidress, trendy and sexy!
·Ashley Tisdale’ s Red Sunglasses
Differ from Lindsay Lohan’ s red sunglasses, Ashley Tisdale wears a pair of fringe boots and red-rimmed sunglasses as she exits Warner Bros Records in Los Angeles. Well, it is reported that Ashley has been working on her sophomore album and been seen out and about with mom Lisa shopping and getting in some mother-daughter bonding, so that the 23-year-old High School Musical singer had a meeting to discuss the details of her new record. Anyway, it has to be admitted that she looks amazing with this sort of red sunglasses.
·Anne Hathaway’ s Red Sunglasses

red sunglasses

How about Anne Hathaway’ s red rimmed sunglasses. There is no denying that this look is super hot right now for summer because not only can this pair of red shades add an instant punch of color to your face without spending hours looking for, but laso trying on various shades of red lipstick can work for your skin type. Yes, on the other hand, Anne Hathaway just prove that oversized red sunglasses have definitely gain a large number of popularities for people from across the world, even celebrities.
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Best Fashion of Hip Hop Celebrities

Thе lifestyle оf thе rісh аnd fаmоuѕ реrѕоnаlіtіеѕ dеtеrmіnеѕ hоw much fаѕhіоn trends thеу fоllоw. Most оf thеѕе сеlеbrіtіеѕ gеt fаmоuѕ fоr thеіr unіquе ѕtуlе оf thеіr own сlоthіng lіnе аnd ассеѕѕоrіеѕ thеу wеаr. Apart frоm muѕіс аnd dаnсе talent, thеу аrе соnѕіdеrеd as thе аll-around еntеrtаіnmеnt реrѕоnаlіtу аnd аn еvеntuаl fаѕhіоn іmаgе аt thе ѕаmе tіmе. Hip Hop сеlеbrіtу іѕ а соmbіnаtіоn оf fаѕhіоn wіth а сlаѕѕу ѕtуlе, аttіtudе аnd sophisticated muѕіс реrfоrmеr.
Thе fаѕhіоn lіnе they follow hаѕ а unіquе соllесtіоn оf ultra stylish ассеѕѕоrіеѕ, ѕhоеѕ аnd сlоthіng wіth еxсluѕіvе patterns, rаdіаnt соlоrѕ, аnd fаbrісѕ. Thеѕе urbаn wеаr саn bе сhоѕеn frоm wіdе rаngе оf vаrіеtу fоr both men аnd wоmеn. Thе bеѕt trеndу сlоthеѕ аrе more preferable bу thе реорlе whісh mаkе them stand араrt аnd саn bе еаѕіlу rесоgnіzеd wіth their сhоісе оf clothes. Thеу ѕіmрlу ѕhоw an аttіtudе with a ѕtуlе іn comfort.
Thе сlоthіng wеаr bу today’s уоuth is thе most оf thе clothing worn by сеlеbrіtіеѕ. Such clothing is іnѕріrеd by muѕіс аnd fashion. Whеthеr they аrе ѕреndіng hоlіdауѕ or јuѕt rеlаxіng, уоuth love tо bе іn ѕuсh fashion. Celebrities clothing gives сооl looks аnd sheer comfort. Thе сеlеbrіtу wеаr соnѕіѕtѕ оf entire rаngе оf clothing. It іnсludеѕ јасkеtѕ, t-ѕhіrtѕ, hoodies, јеаnѕ, shirts, trасk раntѕ, thеrmаl wear еtс. Thеу all аrе аvаіlаblе fоr both men аnd women in іtѕ unique style аnd сut.
Hip hор аrtіѕtѕ рrеfеr tо hаvе sport flаѕhу design wаtсhеѕ whісh exactly ѕuіtѕ thе glamorous аnd funkу style оf thе famous реrѕоnаlіtіеѕ. Thеу аrе designed еxсluѕіvеlу fоr ѕuреrblу lооkіng men аnd women. These cool, ѕроrtу аnd brаndеd wаtсhеѕ mаtсh thе оutfіtѕ оf the сеlеbrіtіеѕ. Yоu саn even fіnd thеѕе аrtіѕtѕ with an еxсluѕіvе соllесtіоn of fаѕhіоnаblе wаtсhеѕ.

Thе hір hор сеlеbrіtіеѕ can nеvеr be ѕееn without their ассеѕѕоrіеѕ. Thе number of well-known hір hop аrtіѕtѕ has аlwауѕ received a lоt of attention and еnјоу getting nоtісеd fоr their dіаmоndѕ wаtсhеѕ and stainless steel accessories. Thеу аrе considered as their fаvоrіtе materials and seem perfect with their реrѕоnаlіtу.
If уоu wаnt tо know аbоut the hарреnіngѕ in the сеlеbrіtу wоrld, јuѕt have a lооk оn the numеrоuѕ wеbѕіtеѕ available exclusively tо join celebrity gоѕѕірѕ. At such рlасеѕ, уоu can еnјоу and get information аbоut lаtеѕt fashion, celebrity nеwѕ, entertainment nеwѕ, rap music news and gossip оn celebrity. Thеу аrе lоаdеd with frее listening ѕоngѕ, nеw songs, nеw rap songs, their reviews and соvеr all lаtеѕt hір hop news. These websites are updated frequently and tіghtlу focused on the hip hop lifestyle. Whаtеvеr detail you want fоr уоur fаvоrіtе celebrities, јuѕt сlісk and get satisfied answers rеlаtеd to уоur quеѕtіоnѕ. They are асtuаllу a оnе ѕtор ѕhор fоr аlbumѕ, music vіdеоѕ, еvеntѕ, fashion, gоѕѕірѕ, TV ѕhоwѕ and plenty of рісturеѕ for every celebrity.
Whatever your clothing style is, but the stylish and trendy urbаn wear of celebrities wіll ѕurеlу gіvе you a new lооk and attitude!

Manly Cuts: Celebrity Hunky Hairstyles through the Years

Whether it’s pompadour, mop-top, shaggy, mohawk or uncombed, these celebrity froes are so darn iconic, it became a sleeper craze of a generation and started to have a life of its own… At least metaphorically speaking!
So, in this blog post, I give you the 8 most iconic celebrity hunky hairstyles through the years:
Elvis Presley’s Pompadour


It’s quite surprising how a gyrating rock-and-roll-cum army serviceman managed to popularize and steal the “crowning glory” that has been long associated with King Louis XV’s chief mistress. Nevertheless, it still looks as royal as ever. No wonder, Elvis was called “The King”. It may have spanned for centuries now, but the slick appeal of this hairstyle never faltered even up to this day. Heck, even a young John Lennon was spotted donning one, way, way back when The Beatles was still nonexistent.

The Beatles’ Mop Top


And speaking of The Beatles, 1960s was the decade The Fab Four invaded United States with their irresistible charms, catchy tuneage, and well, their mop top dos. And even before that momentous day when John Paul, George and Ringo stepped foot on US land, they we’re already greeted by a pack of thick, screaming crowd, already sporting the iconic hair. It was told that the band left their clean cut 50s look after a pair of German photographers wearing the legendary hairstyle inspired the four to do so. In 1970, the band called it quits, and so did the hair.

Bob Marley’s Dreadlocks


Not only Bob Marley introduced the beauty of Jamaican culture in America back in the day with his rainbow-colored color motif, fondness over smoking blunt, eclectic Reggae music and an ideology that could have made the world a better place, he also brought in the popularity of a hairstyle that looks merely like a plant root. Even so, dreadlocks proved to be a style revolution that’s so tight, even the likes of Zack Dela Rocha, Jonathan Davis, Lenny Kravitz, Whoopi Goldberg, Lisa Bonnet and Lauryn Hill couldn’t resist. You can just forget about that guy from Counting Crows.

MacGyver’s Mullet


Ah! The perfect case of “So bad, it’s good” type of hairdo! We couldn’t do anything about it, and we can only blame it on Richard Dean Anderson’s ingenious character, MacGyver. The rise of the mullet head was already prominent in the 70s, thanks to Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart, although it was the “Know-It-All” action hero who made it big back in the 80s. In those days, it was impossible to count the guys sporting the do.

Kurt Cobain’s Grunge Look


The Poster boy of the Generation X, Kurt Cobain’s style may not be as panache and refined as that of James Bond’s, but it surely did instill a remarkable statement that cultivated the craze of hating shampoo, hair combs and blatant disregard for hair grooming among the kids of the nineties. Nevertheless, the troubled Nirvana front man etched a somewhat ironic fashion fad that will forever be associated with the rock scene.

Conan O’Brien’s Coco Look


Conan O’Brien has always been known for his self-deprecating jokes, particularly by making fun of his ridiculously pale skin and of course, the weirdly high-pompadour hairstyle. He even once said that a Belgian dessert company was responsible for the “whipped topping” look of his light-orange locks. The hairstyle even has its own moniker, although still loosely based from the talk show host’s nickname “Coco”, which is used and insinuated by Tom Hanks during his interview on the Tonight Show. It was dubbed, “the Coco Hairstyle”.

Justin Bieber’s Helmet Swoop


Sure, we all know where those young boys (and even girls) got their ridiculously swooshed-to-the-right bangs. It’s from non other than The Biebs, himself, Justin Bieber. Before this pompous, police and law enforcement-friendly pop singer discovered a pot-full of sense of entitlement at the rainbow’s end, the young Justin was just a simple kid from Canada, trying to make his way through stardom by means of YouTube videos. The next thing we knew, kids from around the world started to get their salad bowl and ask their momma to cut their hair while wearing it.
Walter White’s Badass Bald Style


We all know how most bald people are desperate enough to get their own fix of ginseng roots just save their dying (and falling) mane. Thanks to Bryan Cranston, he made bald look “cool and tough” again, by effortlessly portraying the chemistry teacher-turned-drug chef, Walter White from the hit TV series, Breaking Bad. After its successful run, the show’s lone anti-hero became one of the most worn and used characters for costumes in cosplays and Halloween parties. Now, that’s what I like to call “Breaking BALD”.
Did I miss anything or anyone? Let’s discuss about it! Feel free to comment below!

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Punjab Kesari E-Paper is one of the leading online Hindi newspaper find the latest news on Regional, Nation, Politics, Sports, entertainment and More. Read Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Jammu-Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalandhar latest news online on Punjab Kesari Hindi Newspaper.

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News, Politics and Hair – Twin Cities’ Adult females Provide Hair-Raising Views on Regional Celeb Seems

Highlights and side uses up are other imaginative modifications that the mature girl could opt for to integrate into her short hairstyle.

Amazing Sams, which presents a total collection of hair treatment and colour expert services, conducted a survey amongst Twin Cities’ gals to elicit views on salon visits and hair shade services but also needed to take a pulse on nearby celebrity hair for some fun insights.

“We uncovered that Twin Cities’ women not only have sturdy views on their unique hair, but they have a lot to say about their preferred celebrities’ hairstyles as nicely,” said Ernie Valeski, regional director of Amazing Sams of Minnesota.

Josh Hartnett, followed by Twins’ player Joe Mauer, was awarded most effective hair for male celebrities, and actresses Jessica Biel and Cheryl Tiegs received the very first- and second-location nods for girls. On the other end of the spectrum, Jesse Ventura and Sarah Jane Olson were voted most in want of a hair makeover. Community news personalities with the best hair had been KARE-TV’s Belinda Jensen and WCCO-TV’s Frank Vascellaro.

In addition, survey respondents provided the subsequent thoughts on celeb hair:

o Equal social gathering loyalty: When it comes to politicians, social gathering affiliation doesn’t necessarily predict best hair picks. For the regional mayor with the best hair, Mayor Rybak earned 62 percent of the vote about St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman at 37 percent. In the ongoing Senate race, U.S. Senate candidate Norm Coleman won this election with 66 % to Al Franken’s 34 percent. (Franken polled superior in Minneapolis and St. Paul than he did in the suburbs.) Rybak acquired 72 % of the Minneapolis vote and Coleman won his metropolis as well with 68 percent, but suburban voters set Rybak about the prime.

o Channel surfing: The race for best anchor hair was tight: KARE-TV’s Belinda Jensen obtained great ratings here (twenty five %), followed closely by WCCO-TV’s Amelia Santaniello (21 %). Santaniello’s husband Frank Vascellaro narrowly edged KARE-TV’s Sven Sundgaard and Mike Pomeranz (25 % in contrast to 22 % for Sundgaard and 19 % for Pomeranz), with Jeff Passolt of FOX 9 not far behind (18 percent).

o Hollywood hits. Whereas she received only 11 % of the all round vote, actress Winona Ryder was specially common with redheads (and in St. Paul), and adult females with blond hair rated Mauer just as extremely as Hartnett – the rest favorite the actor above the catcher.

o Getting older gracefully: Adult females ages 51 to 60 desire Tiegs’ hair and gals ages 41 to sixty like anchor Julie Nelson’s. Likewise, Sundgaard attracts rave reviews with the under forty crowd whereas Vascellaro is a ratings hit with all those over forty.

Survey Methodology
The survey, commissioned by Superb Sams and performed by Stir Strategy, is primarily based on a sample of 200 adult females residing in the Twin Cities’ metro place.

If you’re bored with your hair get all set to be energized! 2011 provides a gentle romantic vibe to hairstyles and color. This 12 months we are shopping to reds and whites to brighten our drab, boring locks and drastically adjust our seems to be to christen the New 12 months. From cosmetology schools to runways, these are the developments you will be eyeing.

Who Wears Short Shorts?
Celebrities, that’s who! With the latest remarkable cropping of celebrity hair that belongs to the likes of Emma Watson, Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams 1 of the boldest hair trends this 12 months is to lower it off! This hairstyle isn’t for absolutely everyone but it can be particularly complementary on some folks. If you have a heart or square-formed confront, dare to bare all with this trendy do!

I Just Threw It On
Tousled, not messy knots, not buns. Easy hairstyles that only do consider minutes to finish but glimpse awesome will consider you miles this season.

Uncover Celebrities’ Wardrobe: Who Is the Big Fan of Round Sunglasses?

Round lenses and frames, which has a long history, are the most classic and old type in eyewear and shades field. Guess who is the big fan of round sunglasses in stars’ world? Never mind, it is time to uncover celebrities’ wardrobe and find out the answer.
No.1: Heidi Round Sunglasses

Donning such a nice, large pair of round sunglasses, one might presume the fashionista wouldn’t want to cover up Heidi’ new face. Anyway, this hot pair of shades at is extraordinarily less expensive than the lovely ones Heidi is sporting, plus you can hardly tell the two pairs apart. More specifically speaking, this frame of oversized round sunglasses has a metal stamp along each of the arms as well as standard UV protection from the sun’s glares and rays. So, do you like this type?
No.2: Sienna Miller Round Sunglasses

80’s rewind, totally updated round sunglasses that’s crystal clear. As for Sienna Miller round sunglasses above, actually, it is a tough choice. Do I love the round sunglasses in 80’s shape? Or do I prefer the the clear frame or round shades? Anyway, back to Sienna Miller, she was spotted the the NYC premiere of “The September Issue” sporting clear sunglasses with a slightly tinted lens as well as round shaped frames, sort of unique and special.
No.3: Lady Gaga Round Sunglasses

Regardless of John Lennon Sunglasses which are said to be one of the biggest sunglass trends of 2011, along with the Cat Eye style, round sunglasses are the type which has been around since 2010 with many celebrities rocking these infamous shades. Round Sunglasses are round, thick plastic frames, with dark or light lenses, just like Lady Gaga’ s ones shown above, this sort of sunglasses are suited for oval or square shaped faces.
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Expert on Fox news tells men to fight aging by eating healthy fats

Aging is fact of life. While women often invest in lotions, serums and supplements to combat nature, many men aren’t sure what to do. Nutrition expert Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS told Houston’s Fox News viewers that men can fight aging by eating healthy fats such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil.Palm oil’s potent antioxidants support skin, brain and heart health and may help even the manliest of men age like an A-list celebrity.

When it comes to anti-aging, the best tip is to start with the fuel you put in your body. “We always begin with food,” said Bowden. He rattled off his four food groups: “Hunted, gathered, plucked or fished.” Foods closest to nature and produced with a minimum of processing — the way your grandfathers used to eat — are rich with nutrients which may slow the aging process.

Bowden is especially concerned about the fats we eat. “I think we need an oil change,” he said. “We demonized fat for far too long. We need to cut the carbs and up the fat. One of my favorite fats is Malaysian palm oil.” He explained that many people needlessly fear saturated fats, such as Malaysian sustainablepalm oil which is approximately 50 percent saturated. “It’s great for you,” he said.Two major studies have shown that there is no correlation between saturated fat and heart disease risk. Bowden shares more information about healthy fats in his book, Smart Fats.

In some parts of the world, people shun palm oil due to environmental concerns. In the United State’s however, 80 percent of our palm oil supply comes from Malaysia. “All of the concerns about deforestation and the orangutan endangerment don’t apply to Malaysia,” said Bowden. “They protect the forest. They protect the orangutans. And they make the greatest palm oil in the world.”
Malaysian sustainable palm oil is increasingly being used in better-for-you packaged foods. “Malaysian sustainable palm oil is in foods like Nutella and Smart Balance peanut butter,” said Bowden. “It’s a great oil.”

You can’t look into an orangutan’s face and not feel something for this marvelous creature. That’s one of the reasons why these mesmerizing animals have become the poster child of the palm oil debate. Some people think all oil palm plantations harm orangutans, but in Malaysia, the palm oil industry works to help these animals. Palm oil and orangutans have a storied past. And the Malaysian palm oil industry is working to ensure there’s a happy ending for all involved.

Malaysia’s Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center was the first center to return orangutans to the wild.
Sabah is home to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. This facility was set up more than 50 years ago. It is dedicated to caring for displaced orangutans and other animals, as well as educating locals and visitors about how to peacefully co-exist with wildlife.

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Top 20 Indian Celebrity Baby Names

he Bollywood celebrities love to stay in the limelight by doing everything in style. When it comes to the naming of their child, they take this repute a bit more seriously. They are the trendsetters by giving their tiny tots the unique baby names which are meaning, stylish, unique and stands different from each other. Following are a few names of the babies of the Indian celebs that are inspired by the different cultures across the world.

1. Aryan, Suhana and AbRam- These are the names of the three lovely kids of Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. Aryan means a warrior and Suhana means charming. AbRam is a Hebrew name which means father of multitudes.

2. Imara- This is the name of the baby girl of the young parents Imran Khan and Avantika Malik. Imara means strong and resolute.

3. Viaan- He is the son of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra, who wanted to give their son a symbolic name. Viaan means full of life and energy.

4. Aaradhya- The little girl of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan has got the Indian roots in her name which means someone who is worth worshipping in the Sanskrit language.

5. Hridhaan and Hrehaan- Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne chose the Indian names for their lovely kids. Hridhaan means a person with a big heart and Hrehaan means god’s chosen one.

6. Azad- The son of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao named their son after Aamir’s granduncle Maulana Azad, who was a freedom fighter and it means free or liberated.

7. Shahraan and Iqra- These are the two twin babies of Sanjay Dutt and Manyaata Dutt. Shahraan means royal knight while Iqra means to educate.

8. Aarav and Nitara- Akshay and Twinkle Khanna opted for Indian names while naming their kids. Aarav means ‘in high regard of’ and Nitara means having deep roots.

9. Anya, Diva, Czar- These are the three triplets of Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder. Anya means grace, Diva means divine and Czar means emperor.

10. Nysa and Yug- They are the children of Kajol and Ajay Devgan. Nysa means a new beginning and Yug means an era.

11. Raayan and Aarin- Madhuri Dixit and Sriram Nene chose the Irish names for their boys. Raayan means little prince and Aarin means mountain strength.

The Bollywood celebrities seem to have inspired themselves by the Hollywood celebrities in the trend of keeping unique and unusual baby names. They choose names from different cultures, mythology, communities and eras. These names have in turn inspired the net generation and common people look forward to name their babies following the celebrity kid names.

Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed ebook by Liz Barton Review – Stop your cat from Misbehaving!

If there’s one thing people know about me, it’s that I love cats.  They’re awesomely cuddly, and they’re warm and soft.  When I look at their little eyes, I just melt, they’re so cute!

But raising cats, I know what it’s like to have one misbehave.  My cats have gotten into my flowerpots, they’ve scratched up a few of my couches, hell, they’ve even knocked a few ceramics off of my counters, all messes I’ve had to clean up.  Not to mention spraying and pooping wherever they please!

I couldn’t stand these cats destroying everything, I felt there was nothing I could do though.  I was looking for some way to stop this all from happening.

Then I stumbled upon Liz Barton’s ebook, “Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed”.  It showed me just what to do in my situation.  I could take care of the cats I had, and make sure they didn’t take care of me, mafia style.

No longer did I have to search for answers to my questions, constantly hitting dead ends.  The book had a ton of real answers for my questions, answers that really worked for me and my kitties.  I never had to replace my furniture again, buy new dinnerware, get new drapes for my windows.  I started training my cats with the help of this book, to be friendly, stop biting and basically just be the amazing companions I’ve always known them to be.

I absolutely adore cats, can’t get enough of them and with this book, I never have to get rid of them.

Take one of my cats for example, Tito.  Tito was a cat who refused to use his litterbox, he went wherever he wanted to, normally out of my line of sight.  I would find his little “presents” everywhere around the house.  I was trying everything, I took him to the vet and they had no explaination for his misbehavior.  I was almost about to give up, I couldn’t keep coming home to find this, work was stressful enough.  When I found this book, and read the reasons why he wouldn’t be using his litter box, I was able to correct what was wrong, and soon enough, he was using his litter box when he needed it, and never went outside again.

I never had any cat problems after buying this book, so if you’re having problems, I would HIGHLY recommend “Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed” by Liz Barton.

What Is Pop Culture?

Pop culture is, put simply, the events, people, fads, and trends that capture the public imagination. It is also a term used to describe current cultural trends, and cultural trends of the past that have achieved enduring status. Cultural icons can be anything, even cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other classic Disney characters. Cultural icons can also be political figures, athletes, celebrities, and people whao have somehow achieved notoriety in less conventional ways. Examples would be lottery winners, criminals, inventors, and similar types of people or groups of individuals. Animals can achieve cultural icon status as well, either because of their celebrity status, like Lassie, Benji, or Flipper, or because of their association with a human celebrity, like Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbelle or the little dogs that Britney Spears was seen carrying around for a while.
Traditionally, pop culture has held the most appeal for the younger demographic, but has been thoroughly ingrained into society to the point that it is drawing attention from people of all ages. Pop Culture seminars, studies, and academic careers based on the study of pop culture are all commonplace nowadays, particularly since the Internet has evolved into such a ubiquitous source of information. Theories about the impact of this concept range from the belief that it is a substitute for traditional family and religious values to the theory that pop culture is a shared history that links people together. A lot of pop culture history is tied to the popularity of the television, which first made its appearance in the early 1950’s.
The term was first used in the 1950’s, but did not really gain popularity until much later, when media saturation made it easier for people to spot and follow trends. Websites that chronicle pop culture through the decades also make mention of news events, trends, and celebrity news of the era, and these are the same things that make up pop culture today.
If you think back to a popular fashion trend, a music group, or an event that made news in your lifetime, than you can see just how much of an impact pop culture really has. Whether you agree that it has a deeper social significance or not, it is clear that events, people, and circumstances do serve as a way to connect people. And without pop culture, we wouldn’t have the Hula Hoop, Silly Putty, slap bracelets, or any of the other innovations that people take for granted.

Why you Need the Latest Bitcoin news?

Bitcoin ecosystem is full with the events and policy changes taking place every passing day. Additionally, the price or exchange rate has historically been very volatile, with significant peaks and slumps at intervals. In such a scenario it becomes important for traders to have access to the latest Bitcoin news from around the world so that they can make competitive decisions.

Needless to say the exchange rates have been the talking point of the traders; for instance, the exchange rate against dollar went up to 1200 in October 2013 and then fell to the current levels. It is trading safely around $220-230; this all is covered in the latest Bitcoin news that is being collected and presented by various online portals.

Updated Information in the latest Bitcoin news

When you are trading Bitcoin, it is important for you to know what are the events and policy changes that are shaping the exchange rate of the digital currency. Recently, the price of a Bitcoin leapt up as the crisis in Greek economy appeared again. Such events tend to have great impact on the digital currency, Bitcoin news gives you perspective on such events.

Not just the latest exchange rates but also the reviews and news about the Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin wallet providers, etc. are covered in the latest Bitcoin news. If you already hold some Bitcoins in your digital wallet, or are thinking of dipping a toe into the water, then you really ought to keep up to speed with the Bitcoin News.

Nonetheless, trading Bitcoin is an increasingly popular alternative or add-on to conventional foreign exchange trading, and is growing in support as more brokers take the plunge. However, if you are interested in making profits, reading the latest and updated Bitcoin news is crucial for you because with a lot of information you can make profitable trading.

No doubt that the prices of Bitcoin have fallen greatly; however, the gradually falling rate of Bitcoin discovery, the interest in Bitcoin news continues. Needless to say there is a real and constant demand to up to the minute, reliable information about its value. Additionally, Bitcoin received a strong endorsement from PayPal recently.

Thus, the latest Bitcoin news not just helps traders but also to the readers who want to know about the changes taking place in the digital currency ecosystem. This certainly bolsters confidence among traders who think that Bitcoin is the right alternative to fiat.

Toy Watches Are The Latest Celebrity Trend

You can pretty much guarantee that any product that has been worn or endorsed by a celebrity will rise in popularity and have a higher level of demand surrounding it. This is definitely the case with toy watches, which have exploded in popularity in recent years. So many current stars in the USA have been spotted wearing these watches that demand has gone through the roof as people look to wear what their idols wear. There is no doubt that the celebrity culture is extremely popular at the moment which means that any product which is worn by the stars will be craved the world over. If you want to wear the watch the celebrities wear, this is the product for you.
However, although toy watches are loved by celebrities, much of the charm and style of the watch comes in the fact that many of the products are ‘unglamorous’. As much as the wealth oriented celebrity culture is rising across the world, there is also the thought that it is becoming uncool and there is a movement away from it. These watches are fun and create their own image away from the overly stylised and glamorous products that many stars will associate with. If you want to wear the watch the stars wear but perhaps distance yourself from being aloof, this is the watch you need to own.
This is definitely the case with the toy watch range that comes in bright neon colours. What screams fun more than bright greens, pinks or yellows? Having this sort of watch on your arm is guaranteed to get you noticed and mark you out as being a fun loving person. We can say so much about our personality or the personality we wish to have by what we wear and do, so if you want to overhaul your image, get the right product. A watch shouldn’t change the way you behave or interact, but it may make it easier to get your point across to others that you meet.
As fun and fresh as the toy watch products are, if they did not operate properly, they would merely be expensive bracelets. Thankfully, these watches have been created to the highest standards and can be relied upon to keep you informed of the time, no matter which time zone you are in. No matter where you should be, make sure you keep aware of what the time is and when you have to leave to get there by having one of these watches on your arm.
With the bright colour and instantly recognisable design, toy watches are perfect to buy for yourself or to give as a present. Giving a gift can say a lot about yourself as well so if you want to be seen as someone who is stylish and knows what the latest trends are, giving a toy watch will mark you out. Not only will the recipient receive a fantastic watch, they will consider you to be a ‘trend setter’ and just as importantly, a great friend.

Beauty Pageants and Plastic Surgery

Recently during an interview, Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson, admitted to getting a nose job and said her country was quite obsessed with cosmetic surgery. Her exact quote given during an interview with celebrity news website Celestrellas was “Yes, I had a nose job. I wasn’t sure about it first, but after the operation I was really happy with the result. Sometimes it’s good to give natural beauty a little help.”

While her revelations have not come as a surprise to many, it has reignited the debate of whether beauty pageant contestants should be allowed to go through cosmetic plastic surgery to enhance their appearances. Many feel that contestants should be judged on their natural beauty and that those who have gone through any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure must not be allowed to participate in such events. However, many others feel there is nothing wrong with taking the help of plastic surgery and as Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson said “give natural beauty a little help”.

Those against use of beauty pageant contestants using cosmetic surgery ask how would one would define a “little” help. Certain contestants could afford to go through multiple plastic surgery procedures and completely change the way they look. Others may not be so lucky and may not be able to afford any kind of cosmetic enhancements. Given that this is such a grey area, use of cosmetic surgery in such beauty pageants has given rise to heated debates. Of course plastic surgeons say this is nothing new and several women who compete in beauty pageants have been using cosmetic plastic surgery for years now. Breast augmentation and using cosmetic surgery to enhance facial features are alleged to be common amongst many contestants. Critics of plastic surgery in beauty pageants also point out that the average age of women in such competitions are coming down quite rapidly and we are setting a bad example for the younger women. In fact many kids who participate in child beauty pageants are also learning about cosmetic surgery and may not be able to judge properly the merits and demerits of going under the knife at such a young age.

While there will always be supporters and critics for all issues, the debate of plastic surgery and beauty pageants will likely persist for some time to come. With more and more people having surgical enhancements, it only follows that the number of contestants who will undergo cosmetic surgery will increase.

Top Sites For Celebrity Black Gossip Online

People love reading about the private lives of celebrities, and ladies are at best when they discuss about the celebrity gossips. Who would not like to have a peak into the lives of famous Hollywood stars? African American celebrities are the hottest on the popularity list, and they often top the most famous celebrity chart. There are many sites for celebrity black gossip online. You would find some interesting facts about the Hollywood’s best black actors including Halle Berry, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Eddie Murphy, and Denzel Washington.

If you want to have the most recent and accurate news about the celebrities, you need to find the sites that offer most timely, perfect news and reviews that never fail to attract people’s attention. Sometimes after passing on a piece of gossip about a hot celebrity to a group of friends, you may find that the gossip was quite old and was doing rounds almost a month ago.

What All You Can Find On Celebrity Black Gossip Online

There are various sites on the Internet that are dedicated in providing the latest news, gossips, and inside stories on the lives of famous Hollywood stars. Most of the sites are designed in the simplest manner and they offer the up to date information about the private and public lives of the celebrities. The sections on each site are properly marked, and easy to navigate pages let you find the information that you are looking for in a jiffy. These sites would not only keep you well-versed and entertained but you would never feel left out in a group of people divulging in some hot gossips about the celebrities!

  • The most important section on any gossiping site on the Internet contains the latest gossips about the lives of a famous rich black celeb.
  • The gossiping sites offer direct scans from gossip magazines, so if you want to read some interesting articles from the magazines you need not even buy them. Just visit the site and go through the archives list to find the news you are looking for.
  • Some sites also list political developments that affect the Black celebrities and community.
  • Many famous sites on celebrity black gossip online are quite frequently visited by the readers who are active bloggers too. By visiting such popular sites where the readers are very actively involved in updating the blog posts, you would find entertaining and humorous posts on several latest gossips and news about the African American celebrities.
  • Some sites offer the best photographs of black celebrities; some of them are even hard to be found anywhere else on the web.
  • Some sites cover the black community on whole with the latest news in the world of Black entertainment be it movies, sports, or music.
  • Then there are sites that also give due respect to upcoming black stars. You would find gossips and news on just about any celeb.
  • Another interesting feature on these gossiping sites is the interviews section. Here you can find live interviews earlier recorded with the black celebs.

Now, you have all the information regarding sites for Celebrity black gossip online. So, what are you waiting for? Start visiting these sites for the latest gossips on the hot black celebs.

Selecting The Best Celebrity Lookalike Generator

A lookalike is person who resembles another person closely especially who bears a close physical resemblance to a star celebrity, politician or other eminent person of various fields like writer, scientist, painter etc. Many lookalikes earn a living by making a guest appearance in the movie or any public events or performing on television for the leading actors they resemble. You can find many celebrities lookalike images online through various websites including images placed by professional agencies that provide their services.

If you are eager to know for your closest celebrity lookalike, what are the things which would come in your mind? Actually, you will not be able to strike right things in your head. There are varieties of detailed information about numerous celebrities which will spin in your dubious mind. Ultimately, you will not decide that which celebrity look like you. In this internet era, technology has become more advanced and realistic which help you to find a celebrity look like you. The tool which is used to accomplish this complex and tedious task is primarily known as face detection tools. There are many other technologies involved altogether with face detection technology.

It’s a strange coincidence for anybody if they look like a celebrity but finding their look alike is not easy. There are various websites available in these days which provide you to find the celebrity whose looks match with you. For this, they provide a tool on their website. You will have to upload your photo through it. As you upload your picture on their server, their tool will analyze your picture through face detection technology and after 12 to 24 hours, they will return the celebrity picture whom your face lookalike. Accuracy of the result will solely depend on the tools that are used by service provider to analyze and search the best matched faces.

If they use more advanced, sophisticated and complex technology in their tools, the result will be more accurate. The other important concern is the security and safety of your photo which you upload on the service providers’ web server. They should not share or distribute your personal photo to third parties or anywhere else to protect misuse of your pictures. Before availing the services, you must ensure that they are using one of the most secured and safe server to store their clients’ pictures. Moreover, accuracy of result should also be good. You should take these things into consideration before availing their services.

Who is the sexiest celeb wearing eyeglass

Recently, more and more celebs are likely to wear deferent fashion eyeglasses that help define their distinguished look. It is true that some celebs have certain glasses associated with them. Out of all celebs with glasses, personally thinking, two hot guys look so stunning and chic while wearing their signature eyeglasses. They are Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake. Do you have a crash on them? Do you think they are very sexy with their favorite glasses? These two men have their own iconic eyeglasses. Let’s find out how their glasses do a great job in making them more charming and appealing.

Our captain was chosen as the sexiest man in the world and his signature retro eyeglasses do add a sexy edge to his look. Through wearing retro eyeglasses, he shows his high fashion taste since retro wind runs so wildly in the fashion circler. In addition, Depp also wears tinted glasses in retro eyeglass frames, which set him off the mass. His blue tinted glasses have been considered a great accessory to boost his image, which creates that sexy edge to his persona. I think he looks so hot especially when he wears chic glasses. Do you agree with me?
The next hot sexy celeb as a spec wearer is Justin Timberlake. I know lots of people including me have no idea that he will wear glasses one day. As the matter of fact, he does have poor eyesight, so he has to wear prescription glasses. However, he looks sexier while wearing his favorite eyeglasses, featuring nerd style. Judging from many pics of Justin Timberlake, we will find that he has showed a good example of how to make something geek to something sexy. Therefore, Justin Timberlake’s glasses not only serve as a fashion statement but also the most edgy item that helps him enjoy clear vision.
Do you think who is the sexiest one wearing glasses between Jonny Depp and Justin Timberlake? I can’t figure out. Both of them are sexy guys in my opinion.
Have ever thought about free eyeglasses or got free ones? If the answer is negative, a piece of good news will perk you up. An optical online store called Firmoo offers free glasses of trendy styles and attractive colors waiting for you. In details, free glasses include free frame, 1.50 single vision lenses and complimentary accessories. The way of getting free glasses is too simple to believe. You only visit their site and you will get the chance to buy you a pair of free glasses. By the way, free eyeglasses are available for first-time customers of firmoo only. One pair per person. Excited about this? Free prices don’t mean inferior quality. It is said that lots of glasses wearers have got much benefits from these high quality eyewear. What comes to your mind while getting to know these free eyeglasses?

Katie Holmes Interview for The Romantics – Celebrity Interviews

Katie Holmes

Before her career became overshadowed by her personal role as the wife of Tom Cruise, Holmes had made inroads in her post-Dawson’s-Creek career with roles in Phone Booth, Batman Begins, and Thank You For Smoking. Now after a stint on Broadway, the 31 year-old returns to film with her latest role as Laura in the new romantic comedy The Romantics.

In the film, Katie plays Laura, a maid of honor whose former flame is the groom of the wedding, played by Josh Duhamel. She says it’s the film’s “love triangle” that first attracted her to the role.

“Well, I think that the love triangle of this film is really one of the things that I found wonderful about the movie,” Holmes says, “And these conflicts are something I think many people go through and it makes for a good film.”

Holmes elaborated with us on what attracted her to the role.

“I was signed to play Laura from the start,” she says, “I really loved this when I read it and I loved the feeling and to me, it felt a lot like The Big Chill and St. Elmo’s Fire, I thought, and also, a little bit of a John Hughes feeling and I always loved those movies growing up.”

“And then, I met with [director] Galt [Niederhoffer] and I thought she was really so smart,” Katie adds, “And the cast started coming together and it was something that was really exciting, just the feel of it and the look of it and the people that were involved in it was really exciting. The look of the movie is very French in a way.”

We asked Katie if she had to draw upon any personal experiences to deal with the situation of the characters in this film.

“Hopefully not as bad, but yes,” she replies, “I think, that’s the beauty of friendships and that’s what you see in this film. When you have real friends, you can be all of those things and people love

“And I think that’s what feels good about watching this movie,” Holmes continues, “And what felt good being in this movie and portraying these people, you can portray people who are real and they have their ups and downs and they have this family around them that’s been through it all. And if you’re lucky to have people in your life, it’s wonderful, so this film also celebrates friendship.”

Holmes says that she feels fortunate her own personal relationship is free from any of the emotional pitfalls of her character in the film.

“I think my husband has red roses for me everywhere I go, whenever we travel,” Katie enthuses.

As previously stated, Katie took a hiatus from film acting to do a revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons on Broadway in 2008. She spoke highly of the experience and expressed it was something she would love to do again,

“I love doing Broadway,” she says, “It’s so much fun and I loved the cast and the community was so welcoming and wonderful. I really appreciated that and I enjoyed every single night so I can’t wait to go back to theater. I don’t know, but I’m very excited to go back.”

Holmes was asked if she would ever consider… Read the complete interview and see a lot of Katie Holmes pics here Celebrity Interviews

Benefits of Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines are a great source of entertainment and information. Reading magazines is a perfect way to relax and unwind. Women love reading health, beauty and entertainment magazines whereas men prefer sports, technology, current affairs and entrepreneur magazines. Magazines provide you information about latest trends, upcoming events, important happenings, celebrity news apart from self-help, health and other information depending on the magazine category. Apart from households, magazine subscription services are also availed by hotels, offices, salons, and most places with waiting rooms. Magazines also offer great reading choices to travelers.
Magazines subscription services allow the customers to receive latest issues of magazines on timely basis at their door step. Today there are many agencies that provide magazine subscriptions services online and offer an extensive variety of magazines to choose from. You can subscribe to magazines as per your interest for a specified period of time. The subscription can be weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or seasonal depending upon the publication. Here are some key benefits of magazine subscription services over direct buying:

• Discounted Rates: The subscribed magazines are available to the customers at discounted rates that are significantly lesser than newsstand price. Magazine subscription agencies provide you magazines at discounts as high as 80% of the cover price. Besides that magazine subscription agencies also provide special schemes for long term subscriptions and incase you subscribe for a set of magazines you may also get attractive free gifts.

• Festival/Promotional Offers and Free Gifts: Magazine subscription agencies offer additional benefits to their prestigious customers on various auspicious occasions like festivals, milestone celebrations, or new launches. A long term association with a particular agency is rewarded with free books and other related stationary items. Some of the online agencies also provide you free e-books from renowned publications.

• Convenience and Comfort: The best feature or subscribing for a publication through a magazine subscription agency is convenience. You can place your order online, over the phone or through door-to-door selling agents and the magazines are delivered right at your door step. These agencies ensure timely delivery and guarantee safety of the magazines. They also provide dedicated customer care services and assist their clients incase of discrepancies or grievances.
• Wide Variety for all Age Groups: You can subscribe to a publication of your interest as these agencies provide magazines on various subjects, such as art and culture, automobiles, business, children, cooking, entertainment, fashion, health and fitness, men’s, women’s, teens, news, sports, travel, science, nature, political, current affairs and many more. You can also compare and search for magazines by category, top sellers or price rang incase of online subscription.
• Alluring Payment Options: Magazine subscription agencies provide highly flexible payment options and you can either pay in installments or lump sum depending on your preferences. They also give you facility to choose the payment mode and you can pay through visa or master cards, money orders, certified cheques, purchase orders, bank drafts, paypal system or online bill payment depending on your convenience.
Sunshine Subscription Agency one of the leading distributors of magazines provides you with best quality magazine subscription services. The direct selling sales crew of Sunshine Subscription Agency consists of young and energetic people, who are provided comprehensive sales training. The staff is courteous and follows ethical practices. For more information on magazine subscription services, please visit

The Most Popular Indian Celebrity Tweeter Crown Goes to…

Are you a tweeter? And are you following celebrities on Twitter? Great, this means you can answer my simple question. So tell me who is the most popular Indian Tweeter? Let’s make it simpler. Ok, come on tell me who is the most popular Indian Celebrity Tweeter? So, what’s your answer? Well, I’m pretty sure, you have guessed Amitabh Bachchan, or Sachin Tendulkar, or perhaps Shahrukh Khan. No need to be happy, all your guesses are wrong!!
The crown of most popular Indian Tweeter doesn’t belong to anybody from the Bollywood film fraternity or the Indian cricket team. Now stop thinking about other sports and think about the Indian Political arena. Now you might have guessed it right. But wait whom did you guess? Let me give you one hint, the person I’m talking about is not an active politician but yeah, he belongs to the Indian political fraternity and even if he isn’t in active politics, he still is an active tweeter! Yes, you have got him right, he is one and only Shashi Tharoor, the man who made Twitter famous in India, the man who brought about a curiosity for the micro blogging site among not so internet savvy citizens of India, and finally the man whose tweets became the breaking news a year back with all the leading national dailies of India covering his tweets and people’s reaction to them on the newspaper front page!
Shashi Tharoor is the most followed Indian Tweeter.  896,595 people are already following him, and by the time you’ll be reading this article, the number will definitely have soared higher than it is now! So the most popular Indian Tweeter crown goes to Mr. Tharoor, beyond any doubt. The most interesting thing is that all the three celebrities you read in the first paragraph don’t come on the second number. So you might be wondering who stands second in the competition; (though it is notable that Mr. Tharoor who tops the popularity chart doesn’t compete at all, whereas the Bollywood stars are still found interested in getting popularity at Twitter!) anyway, the name you are waiting to hear is neither of Master Blaster Tendulkar, nor of Big B Mr. Bachchan, and not even of King Khan SRK… well if you are a man, you’ll be disappointed, and if you are a woman, it’s time to cheer and feel proud!!
The second most popular Indian Tweeter is Priyanka Chopra with 734,832 followers. Sachin stands just one step down Priyanka with 734,171 followers, and Khan and Bachchan come after that with 720,188 and 520,798 respectively. Well, though I have just checked these numbers but when you’ll actually be reading this, the number might have changed. And let me tell you one more thing; that this popularity status was on the basis of people who are perfectly known to most Indians and have been making news on Indian news channels time to time and not just on the basis of the number of Twitter followers, otherwise it’s Padmasree, CTO of Cisco.

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Celebrity Rehab 4 Cast

The explosive fourth season of Superstar Rehab With Dr. Drew debuts on VH1 tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Forged this yr: Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis, Janice Dickinson, Leif Garrett, Jeremy London, Frankie Lons, Rachel Uchitel, Jason Wahler and Eric Roberts, all publicly battled his demons in the onerous shine the spotlight of treated by Dr. Drew Pinsky and crew.

While you may have to regulate each week to see how it is forged with the difficulties of the program (not to mention that withdrawal symptoms), next slide presentation highlights exactly the sort that these celebrities have been in before that incorporate the Pasadena Recovery Center.

Joins former supermodel Janice Dickinson Rachel Uchitel, Jeremy London and others tonight at the premiere of Superstar Rehab with Dr. Drew season 4, and she deals with some very difficult issues. Already damaged by abuse physical, emotional and sexual of his father, took advantage of available alcohol and cocaine in each branch and the celebration when he was a very coveted supermodel in the 1980s.

His alcohol problems have continued, but she has also added is dependent upon a variety of prescription drugs. Prescription pill addiction can really put to you, especially when you have an addictive personality. Whenever you go to the doctor for sleep, anxiety, pain, or any number of issues, is often prescribe medications that can turn out to be addicted mentally and physically.

When Janice came to rehabilitation, already experiencing a distressing withdrawal of Ativan, she had downloaded an armful of pills. Now face the potential for releasing the chemical dependency for the primary time in a very lengthy time, Janice now faces a a lot tougher activity: take care of the underlying emotional trauma ensuing from a childhood of horrific bodily, emotional and sexual abuse by the hands of his father. She tells the digicam: “I used to be broken magnificence from the beginning.” My father had anger problems. I used to be locked in automobile trunks,

I used to be taped and gagged by which he may go has its way. “I used to be locked in a silent terror of a monster.” Throughout a session of remedy with Dr. Drew, he assures her that many drug addicts abuse of their background, and he will help as quickly as they get their substances. Rehabilitation time televised positively is not a straightforward approach for Janice. She finally ends up lock horns along with his fellow solid members Lons Frankie and Rachel Uchitel, and someday it contemplates suicide.

“Rehabilitation of the movie star with Dr. Drew” fourth season will proceed the eight celebrities of sufferers present process an intensive programme of detoxing and therapy of 21 days within the Pasadena Restoration Middle actual life experiences. As every of them wrestle together with his personal demons in his quest to acquire also needs to do that from another very robust personalities that permits creating obstacles mutually a serving to hand.

The forged, lots of which have been current tabloid fodder even whereas they have been in rehabilitation consists of: Eric Roberts (“The Expendables”), Jeremy London (“Get together of 5,” “seventh Heaven”), Rachel Uchitel (the notorious get together planner), Janice Dickinson (“The Janice Dickinson Modeling Company”), Leif Garrett (musician), Frankie Lons (Amerie mom), Jason Wahler (“The Hills”) and Jason Davis (socialite). Return to the collection to assist Dr. Drew is drug counselor Bob Forrest and Shelly Sprague have resident technician each years spent on each side of the fence of rehabilitation. Dr. Drew can also be offering some further outstanding physicians to assist sufferers give complementary care face to face.

Dr. Drew is a extremely revered practitioner, licensed inside the strategy of rehabilitation drugs habit once more giving spectators a unwavering look precisely how works and what you’re feeling for the contributors and a Council MD. Dr. Drew anticipated to make use of their celeb sufferers to humanize the method and present spectators that therapy is a viable technique to break the cycle of addiction. Whereas most individuals know Dr. Drew as a radio presenter syndicated present “Loveline” and the present of the identical title, Dr. Drew MTV is a private physician within the hospital Huntington and Assistant Scientific Professor of KECK USC College of medicine.

His e book, Cracked: how Damaged lives Collectively Once more (Harper-Collins,) is all about what therapy addicts from the angle of a carer. Dr. Drew co-creator of the primary tutorial examine on celebrities and narcissism. The examine was printed within the Journal of Analysis in persona (Elsevier) in September 2006 and is the primary tutorial examine systematic and empirical celeb personality. As well as, is a New York Instances finest-promoting author with his mirror effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is seducing A America (Harper Collins).

Dr. Drew can also be seen as host of “Sober House” and “Rehabilitation of sex with Dr. Drew” along with the MTV VH1 “Teen mom” and “16 & pregnant working life.” “Rehabilitation of the celebrity with Dr. Drew” is Executive produced by John Irwin and Damian Sullivan for Irwin entertainment. Dr. Drew Pinsky, Howard Lapides and Joel Rodgers are also Executive producers. Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes and Noah Pollack are executive producers for VH1.

Get Motivated by the Top 10 Fit Celebrities on celebrities

If you love taking snaps of yourself, pouting and making duck-face while taking snaps and selfies, surely the chances are that you would like to post them online. Instagram is one popular social media website that has people from across the world posting their snaps for the world to see. Holiday snaps, eating snaps, lazy snaps, sleeping snaps, and even working out snaps are being shared. The best thing is not just the teens or the people like us but also by our favorite celebrities. You have almost the entire film industry from all parts of the world Instagram-ming and how! We get to take a sneak peek at the private lives of the celebrities and even their work out snaps.

Celebrities who Hashtag Fitness in Instagram:

If you love working out, and feel it is essential to work out, surely you would need to follow these celebrities who are devout fitness-lovers and who cannot think beyond staying fit and looking glamorous. Hashtag fitness and follow celebs on Instagram!

1) Britney Spears:

Britney Spears

The “One More time” babe loves hiking and working out to stay in shape and her Instagram account is just one proof. We get to see her working out quite frequently on her Instagram and we feel that she is taking YOLO quite seriously! Britney does complicated Yoga poses too and it’s all part of her daily routine. After all, she’s got her curves all right and looks like million bucks too.

2) Miley Cyrus:


If the Wrecking Ball babe is not twerking, or seen in out-of-the-world clothing, Miley Cyrusis loved for her bright gym wear or for living her life on her own terms. She is a big hit in Instagram and her fitness regime sees her doing Yoga. In fact, her recent snap where she was seen twisting her body in a particularly difficult Yoga pose made her followers, say, WOW! Now we know how she has managed to stay fit beyond words all these years ever since her “Party in the USA” days!

3) Demi Lovato:

Demi Lovato

The hot singer Demi Lovatoowes her hot bod to the terrific and dedicated work out regime that she follows. Her selfie with her standing on the trampoline made her followers to rise. Not just one to go for slim figure but Demi also works on 25-pound push-up hold planks. She’s simply in love with her fitness level as we can see on all her work out snaps.

4) Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr

It takes a lot to get the body like Ozzie model Miranda’s, and she just shows off her working out and aerobics-skills, on her Instagram account. She is seen doing splits or even doing back bending working out to get the enviable figure! Whistle!

5) Khloé Kardashian:

Khloé Kardashian

Call it genes, but the Kardashian girls are by far the most followed on Instagram. Khloe Kardashian works out quite a lot and is in love with her body and with curves like hers, who wouldn’t? She posts her snaps with her wearing trendy gym-wear or showing off her bright sneakers. Fashion and working out go hand in hand for this babe. Her sister also comes with her for working out as her Instagram shows.

6) Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian

Everything that Kim Kardashian does make news. She owns Instagram quite literally and she makes sure that we follow her every day working out schedule and even her grooming regime all day.

7) Ellie Goulding:

Ellie Goulding

Ellie loves working out and her regime does not really mean that the babe remains indoors alone! She goes on late night speed runs across LA and even working out on her stamina and super fit figure! Ellie surely is one tough cookie!

8) Zoe Saldana:

Zoe Saldana

The Law & Order and Avatar star, Zoe Saldana does make us forget that she is a mom by making sure we get awed by her lovely figure. She works out in the morning as she posts her regular working out snaps on her Instagram account.

9) Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga

She rules Twitter and has millions of fans there. Lady Gaga’s Instagram has her snaps of working out in the gym with some gyrotonics for staying fit, apart from following a very strict diet routine. We cannot just stop wondering on the amount of stress people have to take to remain on top! Have a look at her hot workout sessions on Instagram.

10) Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba

The sexy hot Jessica Alba works out on her abs and tones her arms with great dedication. We know she’s HONEST about it. She keeps taking snaps with her gym trainers and other fitness experts now and then, if she is not working out.

Now that you have seen the celebrities working out and that too not without fashion too, we have a lot to thank Instagram for giving us reasons to get motivated and hit the gym right away!

Diagnostic Battery for Whitney Houston

Diagnostic battery provides an important instrument for diagnosing various psychological conditions that individuals face. As counselors, an exact diagnosis of the condition that an individual is suffering is important and diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders provides that important tool for use by psychologists. DSM-IV, published by American Psychiatric Association provides a guideline that should be followed in making psychological diagnoses. Almost everyday, there are news appearing in the media about celebrities who hare weighed down by continued drug abuse. It appears that every time we turn on our televisions, we are assured of seeing one if not more celebrities who are entering into or completing their rehabilitation term. This is clear evidence that shows the extensive nature of drug abuse among celebrities. It happens to musicians, songwriters, Amy Winehouse, footballers, and others. There are many reasons why celebrities indulge in drug abuse, the major reasons being to cope with the hectic and demanding life they have. However, it is also clear evidence that contrary to our belief that celebrities live a good and happy life, they may be leading miserable life. In order to understand psychological problems facing celebrities, this paper will conduct a critical analysis of the life of Whitney Houston, one of the celebrities whose career has been destroyed by drug abuse.

Background of Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is one of the celebrities who has been accused of rampant drug abuse and has been in and out of rehabilitation centers more than once. Born in 1963 as Whitney Elizabeth Houston, her star shone to become a leading American R&B singer, actress and also a fashion model. She had a big life to cope with after wining important awards in her life. She is still the most awarded female artist of all times and hoses the Guinness World Records. Her list of awards include among them 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 16 Billboards Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, and others totaling to about 415 career awards as recorded by 2010 (Christgau, 2011). She is also ranked as one of the best selling music artist with more than 170 million albums and singles sold.

However, her successful music career seems to have been badly affected by events outside her career. In April 2000, she was accused of drug peddling after police discovered Marijuana in her luggage. Airport security officials immediately alerted the police after they found that she was carrying marijuana in her bags. This dented the perfect and “good girl” image she had maintained in the 1980s and 1990s and her behavior greatly changed since then. She was often hours later for her interviews, photo shots and rehearsals and in more than once, she cancelled concerts and talk-show appearance. It was evidence that there was some personal problems in her life. She had also lost a lot of weight and speculations were going around that she had been abusing drugs for a longer period of time. It was also alleged that she had been abusing drugs with her husband. Although it was not still confirmed, Houston cancelled many events she was to perform at and was also fired from several lined up performance. For example, when Clive Davis was to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she was scheduled to perform but she pulled out the last minute. She as also to perform at the Academy Awards but she was fired by the even director Burt Bacharach. Although it was cited that throat problem had caused to pull out of the performance, there were rumors of drug abuse that still surfaced. It was later confirmed in writing a book by Steve Pond that at the time she pulled out of the Academy Awards her voice was shaky, and she appeared distracted and jittery. In addition, her attitude was casual and quite defiant. While she was to sing “Over the Rainbow” she started singing a different song. Her problems were also aggravating with time as one of her long time friend and executive assistance, Robyn Crawford, resigned from Houston’s management company.

Following these events, it also became evident that she was stressed over family matters. She has been disturbed by her tumultuous marriage to sing Bobby Brown and the couple had been living in tabloids since their wedding in 1992 (Whitney Houston, 2011). They were separated in 2006 after years of infidelity, scandals, drug, and alcohol arrests. At the same time in 2006, National Enquirer release pictures of what was claimed to be Houston’s bathroom. The picture showed the private bathroom stuffed with empty beer bottles, rolling papers, pipes, powder covered spoons and lighters, all which pointed out that the pop star was a drug addict. Her sister in law claimed that the singer was addicted to crack and more often, she punches and bites herself until she develops black and blue marks thinking that the devil was attacking her. In 2002, she was embroiled in another tumultuous legal battle with her father, John Houston for failure to settle a $100 million she owed his company.
Data Collection methods

Due to limited access to the subject of the study, the study will collect data using methods that gives information about Houston but whose credibility can be assessed. Therefore, the study will combine two main methods to get information about the subject. The first method will be review of literature. This will involve accessing data from sources that are credible. Among these sources that will be used include:

  1. DSM-IV-TR from Psychiatryonline accessed from
  2. Whitny Houston Biography accessed from
  3. Christgau, Robert. “Material she was a great song writer”.

However, the inclusion-exclusion criteria for the above sources were not strict due to shortage of sources about the character. The study limited selection of the sources to the particular period when the character was overcome by psychological problems.

The other method that will be used in this study will be observation. Since the study is looking at the past life of the character, it has to rely on picture and audio recording of the events that surrounded the characters life. However, it will also be important to ensure authenticity of these recordings. The following are among the recordings that have been obtained for the study from YouTube:

  1. Interview with Oprah Winfrey accessed from:
  2. Interview with CNN about her drug life accessed from:
  3. Failed performance accessed from:

Through observation and review of the above sources, important information about the character under study was obtained. The YouTube contains important utterances from the author that tells accounts of her life, how she abuse drugs, how she went on and off to a rehabilitation center, problems with her husbands and other important information.

ICON NEWS Television Series Launches with Celebrities – Tsunami Worldwide Media Chosen as Agency for series launch

ICON NEWS television series set’s a milestone in television programming; as celebrities are captured in their living rooms, or on a live set, or in a recording studio; ICON NEWS is the real deal – no matter where the celeb’s are they are on ICON NEWS via SKYPE right to the Icon News Studio………that’s right live and down with the jive……….
ICON NEWS is an unprecedented use of new media and television with a cross branding mix, The show includes red carpet interviews with co-host Sheri Nadel, who is known for her red carpet reporting at the Oscars, Emmy’s and Grammy’s.

Tsunami Productions which began in 2000 as a corporate marketing firm to fortune 500 companies, who had an interest in broadcast television. By 2002 the firm had transitioned into expressly handling the television distribution rights of independent producers to broadcast and cable networks. That success was followed by the firm’s decision to focus on the conglomerate of independent production studios and the distribution of their collective assets thus increasing Tsunami’s portfolio to become a major contender in the television marketplace. Tackling the ever-changing television landscape the company tapped into the art of the deal with their prior successes in the retail & advertising world to create unique brand opportunities and sponsorships for their clients while increasing viewership and revenues for multiple broadcast & cable

“ICON NEWS is a game changer, the very first show of its kind, to mix television with interactive media in a format that is comprehensive, it is a wonderful addition to our firm, and we stand behind the cutting edge agenda of the series” states Melissa McComas CEO of Tsunami Worldwide Media.

ICON NEWS is a positive family program who’s season one guests will include Eric Roberts(Dark Knight), Bas Routin (Former UFC Champ), John Schneider ( Dukes of Hazzard, TwentySixMiles), Lil J (Rapper, Somthing about Raven), Dominic Rains (General Hospital, Jinn), Cassandra Hepburn ( Surfer, Dude, Hell Ride), Mycole Metcalf ( The Sandlot, Fast & The Furious), and many more celeb’s.
“Stay Tuned as ICON NEWS stakes it’s claim in merging television with social media; finally a series that melts the middle – at the cross roads of media with the final version of how celebrities make and break their take on what matters”
states Melissa McComas CEO of Tsunami Worldwide Media.
Source :

Ricki Lake is Considering a Destination Wedding

American TV presenter and actress Ricki Lake has been talking about her destination wedding plans at The Trevor Project’s 2011 “Trevor Live at the Hollywood Palladium”.
Like many other celebrities who choose destination weddings, Ricki revealed that she and her fiancee Christian Evans might head somewhere exotic to say “I Do”.
Speaking at the showbiz event last weekend, Ricki spoke to PEOPLE magazine, the online website for celebrity news, about her wedding dress.

Ricki Lake
NCT PHOTOS, en Flickr.

“I have someone who has been looking for me. It’s vintage,” she said.
“I wanted something simple, on the bias, and flattering. It’s got a lot of detail. It’s very pretty. I’m not going to say any more yet because I haven’t even seen it firsthand, I’ve just seen a picture!”
The chat show host has lost a considerable amount of weight after making it as a finalist on this year’s Dancing with the Stars TV show and she was keen to wait to try on wedding dresses until the end of the TV series.
Christian proposed to Ricki in August this year when they were enjoying holidays in Spain. The 42-year-old celebrity said that the pair now needs some time alone to discuss their wedding plans.
“We are just starting to talk about it. Next weekend we’re going away together and we’re going to try to start figuring out what we’re doing,” she explained. “Then we’re going to Paris on holiday for two weeks and then we’ll start planning. But it’s going to be soon. It might even be a destination wedding.”
An increasing number of engaged couples are choosing weddings abroad in idyllic locations such as the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Greece, Hawaii and the Maldives.

Caribbean Emotions Photography and Cinema Wedding
Image by : caribbeanemotions, on.

Celebrity destination weddings that have taken place this year include Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, who tied the knot on Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker Island in the Caribbean in July this year, and American Pie actress, Tara Reid, who enjoyed cliffside nuptials on the island of Santorini in Greece this summer.
Some of the advantages of getting married abroad is that couples can save money by inviting fewer guests and combine tropical weddings with honeymoons in an exotic destination.
Beach weddings are a popular choice, particularly in the Caribbean or the Maldives where brides and grooms can exchange vows on a pristine white sandy beach against the picture-perfect backdrop of the sparkling turquoise ocean.
Couples planning Caribbean weddings can choose from numerous tropical islands for their ceremony such as Antigua, St Lucia, the Bahamas, or Turk and Caicos, where the weather is warm and sunny and the natural landscapes are breathtaking.

Don’t Miss the Latest on Hot Celebrity News

Get the latest that you can on your most favorite and loved celebrities:
Wardrobe Glitch as Chloe Sevigny Displays her Underwear while in her pretty black Dress
Dressed to stun, the little black dress that Chloe Sevigny wore at a night out was more than just too short. This American Horror Story star showed the world her favorite black lacy underwear in West Hollywood. Although she was stunning and gorgeous while going to the Chateau Marmont hotel, her skirt went up her thighs and revealed her black lacy underwear.
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose back together? Read to find out
After a suggestive picture was uploaded by Amber Rose, many would think that the two love birds who divorced in September might be back together. Forgiving and telling the world how much her ex, Wiz Khalifa broke her heart, she recently uploaded a pic of the two together with a caption ‘still ballin” followed by a heart eyes emoji. Could this mean that the two have sparked off on their love again? Amber Rose admitted how much she loved Wiz Khalifa and the good time they shared.
Ashton Kutcher Acting skill highly criticized by Michel Fassbender
During the press conference held for “Steve Jobs” the movie, Michael Fassbender dissed and roasted the acting skills of Ashton Kutcher especially on his role as Steve Jobs. This might not come as a shock you, as we all know that Ashton Kutcher would have done much better in the 2013 movie “jobs”. While at a conference promoting the new movie “Steve Jobs” Michael Fassbender shaded on the previous actor for the role, Ashton Kutcher.

Britney Spears Decides to Crash Kate Hudson’s epic Game Night
Britney Spears decided to crash Kate Hudson’s weekend game night. You can find to photos of the two lovely ladies having what look like a very fun night. They were both dressed in black tank tops and the tow seemed like they were having too much fun during the night.
David Beckham to get back at playing soccer
The forty-year-old admitted of getting back in the game. David Beckham retired three years ago and he revealed that he never thought of playing again but since he is the ambassador for UNICEF, they are going to raise funds by playing a game. With the fight for children still on, David Beckham is more than happy to do this. The game will be played on 14th November at the Old Trafford. The retired player is very happy and can’t wait for the game at the home of his starting team, Manchester United. Tickets can be found on the team’s official website.
Rita Ora Dating Travis Baker
Travis Baker revealed that Rita Ora and he are dating, after meeting at a basketball game in Los Angeles. Baker uploaded a picture of the two on twitter, and Rita Ora re-posted the same picture. Travis Baker previously was dating Arianny Celeste, and Rita Ora once dated Calvin Harris and Rob Kardashian.

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Top 10 Celebrity Fears

Have YOU ever had a panic attack these can be really scary and may make you shake, sweat and breathe quickly. This happens to celebrities too!
A panic attack can cause a you to think something awful is going to happen, that you can’t escape, or that you might lose control. Some people who have panic attacks say that when the attacks are happening, they feel like they can’t think straight or that they’re “going crazy.”
Such panic attacks only last a short time. But to a person who is having one, they can feel much longer.
So what can bring on such a panic attack. Flying, heights, spiders, the dark. Any or all of these can cause a phobia in people including celebrities.
A national survey of 4,000 adults and 1,600 kids revealed that 56 percent of adults admit they now have a fear or a phobia. The survey found that 86 percent of adults and 91 percent of youngsters admitted to being afraid of something.
Nearly one in five adults also said they are scared of more now than they were as a child.
You may not believe it, but even rich and famous celebrities have common, everyday fears just like the rest of us.
So what scares the stars?
Top 10 Fears of celebrities.
1. If you suffer from Acrophobia: fear of heights you may experience immediate anxiety when high up. This apprehension may include a racing heart, shortness of breath, sweating, chest or abdominal discomfort, trembling, and an emotional response which involves an intense fear – of losing control, embarrassing oneself, or passing out. If you suffer from this you are not alone. Rock star Sheryl Crow says heights and hearing “scary” noises frighten her the most.
2. How many of you hate flying or: Aerophobia With this phobia you may have frightening thoughts (this plane might crash; I’m trapped; I must get out). Did you know that Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Michael Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg all hate and fear flying too. Avoiding this feared situation, means not flying. Such a sacrifice limits these celebrities lifestyles severely as they will find it hard to travel long distances.
3. How about situations like being outside, or in a crowd, or even being on a bridge. Such fears are known as: Agoraphobia a fear of being in places or situations from which there is no escape. You are not alone as Woody Allen and Matthew McConaughey who is scared of tunnels and revolving doors also shares this fear.

4. Anyone scared of spiders? Arachnophobia as they called it in the film about the same dread. You can guarantee Justin Timberlake would not have enjoyed this movie or Jaws as he hates spiders, snakes and sharks

5. Do you break out in a sweat in those little closed in spaces? Uma Thurman is claustrophobic too. She says that in Kill Bill: Vol 2 where she is buried alive in a coffin. “There was no acting needed. Real screams available,” “It was horrific. Nobody wants to live that experience.”
6. When the weather changes and the skies darken do your hands sweat as the thunderstorm approaches? Well if you happen to be with Madonna at the time she will be scared as she suffers from: Brontophobia: fear of thunder!
7. The vampire slayer suffers from Necrophobia: a fear of death. TV’s vampire-slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar has a real fear of graveyards, so real that she refused to film “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in a real one.
8. Do you hate your appearance in the mirror first thing in the morning? Alternatively, maybe you experience undue anxiety when you look at a mirror. This Eisoptrophobia a fear of mirrors is irrational. However this fear is grounded in superstitions. You may worry that breaking a mirror will bring bad luck or that looking into a mirror will put you in contact with a supernatural world inside the glass. Well imagine how poor Pamela Anderson feels for she fears mirrors too!
9. If you get the spooks when you see a clown then you might be suffering from Coulrophobia. Johnny Depp, Daniel Radcliffe and Sean “Diddy” Combs are frightened of clowns. “Something about the painted face, the fake smile,” Depp said in 1999 when he was promoting the film “Sleepy Hollow.” “There always seemed to be a darkness lurking just under the surface, a potential for real evil.”
10. Now here is a strange one! While there is no official name for the phobia of butterflies, it has been linked to Mottephobia (Fear of Moths), or a name such as Lepidopterophobia which is an animal group based on insects butterflies and moths. Who could be scared of such things? Well Nicole Kidman for one she says her greatest fear is butterflies!
So there you have it the top 10 list of celebrity fears. Did I mention poor the celebrity with the most phobias is well that award goes to Woody Allen. He’s afraid of insects, sunshine, dogs, deer, bright colors, children, heights, small rooms, crowds, cancer and anywhere except Manhattan. Imagine that!

Roberto Alomar Aids – Shocking News of Roberto Alomar

Just released is news that Roberto Alomar has AIDS.  The lawsuit is now brought against Alomar as a former girlfriend of the baseball superstar that played his last ball for the Baltimore Orioles is claiming that he has AIDS.  The girlfriend that lived with Roberto for three years is claiming the case.

However Mr. Alomar’s lawyers are saying something completely different.  They argue that this will be settle in court if need be.  Apparntley in January of 2006, while suffering from a cough and fatigue, the test results came back positive on February 6th of 2006. It showed that he had full blown AIDS.  Charles Bach, though his attorney, calls the lawsuit frivilous and would like to keep his clients health status private.

Quick Roberto Alomar Poll

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Celebrities whether they are actors, models, or sports players are typically in the spot light everyday of their live.  It is very important that they are always aware of their decisions and think them through to the fullest because any wrong move that they make, the tabloids, news, and video cameras will be all over them to make a story of it.  Sometimes the act by a famous person doesn’t even have to be that big of news, but the media does sometimes blow the story out of proportion making it more of a gossip issue rather than a true story.  Roberto Alomar is a classic baseball player, but will this now ruin his ever going reputation in all of his fans?

Get the Hot Details about Nigeria News Today Via Online Magazine

Nowadays, life of the people has turned out be a sarcastic phenomenon. With a desire to be ahead and to expose oneself to growth, people have crossed every limit. With the yearning of coping up with technology, people don’t have time to take a break. Because of this invisible competition people are not aware about the happenings in their surroundings. The world has become so compact that every single process depends on information. If you have to correct source of information, then it’s obvious that you lead the race being ahead of others. There are different sources of information that can help you to keep update, but do they meet your requirement. Suppose, you want information about Nigeria news today, so you can take the help of newspaper, but what about the complete details about a specific topic.

It does not mean that newspapers are not the reliable source of information, but you can only get the topic in brief. Magazines are the best alternative to newspapers as they have the same characteristics of that of newspapers. The main difference between the two materials is that every topic is embedded in a newspaper, but there are lots of magazines that are printed on the basis of their particular topic. For example; a fashion magazine is completely dedicated towards fashion and covers all topics related to fashion. Similarly, Nigeria news today will cover all the detailed happenings in Nigeria.

There are different reasons to subscribe to a magazine and some of them are listed below:

  • Enhance your knowledge: There are magazine which are printed on different topics like health, fashion, sports, inventions, electronics, mechanical equipments etc. So, you can choose any particular topic that you want to access and learn all the latest discoveries in that field.
  • Entertainment: Most of us prefer reading magazine to learn the latest fashion accessories and latest celebrity gossip. These celebrities will be talking about their wardrobes and other garnishes which are highly entertaining.
  • Knowing about the latest happenings: Apart from these magazines, there are certain magazines which are printed daily to spread the detailed description about the happenings in your surroundings. To explore Nigeria news today, you have to be a part of the magazines.
  • A friend in spare time: People usually prefer reading the magazines during their spare times. You just don’t have to waste time when you can learn so much from these magazines.

Apart from accessing a hard copy of the magazines, most of the people are shifting towards online versions of magazines. Most of the magazine publishers have made it possible to subscribe magazine online. Now, you can read the soft copy format of latest celebrity gossip at any moment of the day. You just have to subscribe to magazine in online and avail the facility. So, you don’t have to carry the hard format of the magazine to every place you go. You can avail the facility through your smart phones and Tabs. So, whatever is your profession, you can always get exposed to all the innovations related to your field.

Super Yachts and the Celebrities Who Love Them

For so many of the world’s rich and famous people, yachting is without a doubt a favorite pastime.  Not only does it have a certain appeal that nothing on land has to offer, but it also provides them with perhaps a bit more privacy as well.  In fact, more and more celebrities are taking to the open seas for their frequent vacations.  And can you blame them?  There’s nothing sexier than the ocean, and when money isn’t a factor, you can only imagine some of the over-the-top super yachts and mega yachts they choose to play on for their ultimate holiday getaways.  They are certainly keeping international boat shipping companies on their toes, as they travel the world and the seven seas.  And everybody’s looking for something.

It used to be that a super yacht (around the 150 feet) was enough for these fortunate people, but these days, we have even seen some of them frolicking around on mega yachts (over 300 feet).  These yachts are just ridiculously luxurious and are worth millions and millions of dollars.  Many of them carry amenities such as helicopter landing pads, swimming pools, movie theaters, and basketball courts, just to name a few.  Some are chartered, but many of them are owned.  And those who own them also have transported all over the world to their desired cruising destinations, by only the most premier boat shipping companies, such as Yacht Exports of South Florida, rather than voyaging there themselves.

There are too many famous super yacht lovers to mention, so let’s just discuss some of the most interesting one’s.  Johnny Depp, who is by far one of the most intriguing people in Hollywood, is a super yacht enthusiast for sure.  He and his family spend lots of time on The Vajoliroja, which is his 156 foot, modern vintage super yacht, with more style and class than most.  This vessel is well-suited for a unique gentleman such as Depp.  Another yacht celebrity combo worth mentioning is rock star Eric Claptons 157 footer, Va Bene, which is a floating art-lover’s dream.  This art deco-themed yacht goes well with Clapton’s extensive collection of paintings and sculptures and is truly one of a kind; it’s like the Mona Lisa of the sea.  And let’s not forget the successful film maker Steven Spielberg’s yacht, The Seven Seas.  This yacht is nearly at mega yacht status, at over 282 feet and has all the added extras as you could imagine such as an infinity pool, a helipad, and a full sized cinema on board.  Can you say, “Lights, camera, action?”  Some other noteworthy yacht owners include Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, P. Diddy, and Mariah Carey.  Just to name a few.

So we know you’re just dying to know, who’s owns the biggest, baddest floating mansion in the world?  The largest mega yacht in existence to date is The Eclipse, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.  The yacht which is a whopping 533 feet and is said to have more than enough space for up to 30 guests and 75 crew members.  The vessel flaunts a personal leisure submarine, space for up to 3 helicopters, and a monstrous 52 foot pool.  Can you say fabulous?  Talk about the pinnacle of floating luxury, literally.
Right now, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the Grenadines, are some of the hottest spots you will find the stars cruising.  They simply hire international boat shipping companies to transport their “baby” for them so they can hop from one exotic hideaway to the next.

So next time you see a photo of a famous celebrity on their super yacht, and you are tempted to seethe with envy, just remember that at least we normal people don’t have to a make mega million dollar yacht purchase just to get some much needed privacy.  All we have to do keep being our regular old selves and privacy is extended to us as a daily courtesy, something the rich and famous often long for.  Now doesn’t that make you feel so much better?  Hey, we tried.

Simple Tips to Collect Celebrity News

Cеlеbrіtіеѕ аrе рорulаr реrѕоnаlіtіеѕ іn уоur соuntrу. Thеу mау bе mоvіе ѕtаrѕ, ѕроrtѕ ѕtаrѕ аnd еvеn роlіtісаl ѕtаrѕ. Anу small mаttеr, whісh hарреnѕ wіth а mоvіе ѕtаr today wіll bесоmе thе mоѕt sensational nеwѕ іn headlines tоmоrrоw. All thе TV сhаnnеlѕ wіll hіghlіght this nеwѕ tо іnсrеаѕе their rаtе іn thе market. Thеrе аrе bооkѕ аnd mаgаzіnеѕ, whісh еxсluѕіvеlу tеll ѕtоrіеѕ аbоut сеlеbrіtіеѕ аnd share their views. Nоw уоu саn gаthеr nеwѕ оnlіnе whеrе уоu саn brоwѕе number оf wеbѕіtеѕ, which shares hоt nеwѕ аbоut рорulаr ѕtаrѕ аnd ѕроrtѕ реrѕоnаlіtіеѕ. Even in ѕосіаl nеtwоrkіng ѕіtеѕ уоu саn fіnd ѕоmе оf thе celebrities ѕhаrіng their opinion аbоut thе rесеnt hарреnіngѕ.
Thеrе аrе certain classes оf people whо lоng fоr rеаdіng any kіnd of сеlеbrіtу nеwѕ. Internet саn provide уоu with nеwѕ аnd іnfоrmаtіоn at vеrу fаѕt rate whеn соmраrеd with newspapers аnd magazines. Mаkе ѕurе tо vіѕіt thе websites, which уоu trust tо gаthеr lаtеѕt іnfоrmаtіоn аbоut Hоllуwооd аnd ѕроrtѕ ѕtаrѕ. Sеvеrаl websites gаthеr fast nеwѕ аbоut mоvіе ѕtаrѕ аnd flаѕh іt оn their раgе fоr саtеrіng tо mіllіоnѕ of vіеwеrѕ dаіlу. Pеорlе аrе fond of lіѕtеnіng to celebrity gossip. Next to internet, TV сhаnnеlѕ will provide уоu updated nеwѕ about рорulаr реrѕоnаlіtіеѕ. It may bе about а fаmоuѕ рор ѕіngеr оr а movie ѕtаr оr еvеn уоur fаvоrіtе bоxеr. They gіvе rіght nеwѕ аnd hоt ѕtоrіеѕ оn tеlеvіѕіоn сhаnnеlѕ. There are special сhаnnеlѕ which air hоt ѕtоrіеѕ about celebrities on раrtісulаr рrоgrаmѕ daily. Yоu саn make уоurѕеlf аvаіlаblе to wаtсh thе ѕhоwѕ or programs to соllесt аll іnfоrmаtіоn about celebrities.
Furthеr уоu саn kеер trасk of popular persons bу rеаdіng magazines. It іѕ true that magazines gіvе you late nеwѕ, but ѕоmеtіmеѕ thеу give genuine іnfоrmаtіоn with аn іntеrvіеw frоm раrtісulаr celebrity on thе first раgе. The nеwѕ and hot ѕtоrіеѕ kеерѕ on сhаngіng еасh dау or after certain period. For fеw dауѕ еvеrуоnе will be tаlkіng about thе ассіdеnt of particular movie ѕtаr. If nеxt news starts ѕhоwіng uр, things wоuld сhаngе drastically and аll thе mеdіа and channels will fосuѕ оnlу on the latest news and fоrgеt the ассіdеnt news.
There are certain wауѕ by which you can keep track of your favorite movie ѕtаr. Yоu can give tips to the workers in the salon, rеѕtаurаntѕ whеrе the ѕtаr visit frequently. Alѕо gather celebrity news from dеlіvеrу boys and ѕесurіtу mеn, whо can share first hаnd information quісklу. Browsing the websites rеgulаrlу can give you mоrе information about popular movie stars and other celebrities.

Female Celebrity and Spanish actress “Penelope Cruz”

Penelope Cruz Sanchez born April 28, 1974  in Alcobendas, Community of Madrid, Spain, the daughter of Encarna Sanchez, a hairdresser and personal manager, and Eduardo Cruz, a retailer and auto mechanic.She was raised Roman Catholic.Penelope Cruz, is a Spanish actress.she was start acting career In 1989, a 15 year old Cruz debuted and starred in the video clip of the song La Fuerza del Destino of the synth-pop trio Mecano. Between 1990 and 1991, Cruz hosted the Spanish TV channel Telecinco’s talk show La Quinta Marcha , a program that was hosted by teenagers, aimed at a teenage audience.She made her acting debut at 16 on television, and her feature film debut the following year in Jamón, jamon in 1992, to critical acclaim. Her subsequent roles in the 1990s and 2000s included Open Your Eyes (1997), The Hi-Lo Country (1999), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000) and Woman on Top (2000). Cruz achieved recognition for her lead roles in Vanilla Sky and Blow. Both films were released in 2001 and were commercially successful worldwide.

2001 marked a significant turning point in Cruz’s career, when she starred in the feature films Vanilla Sky and Blow. In Vanilla Sky, which is the American remake of Open Your Eyes, Cruz played Sofia Serrano, the love interest of Tom Cruise’s character. The film received unfavorable reviews but was successful at the box office, making over $200 million worldwide.Also in 2006, Cruz received favourable reviews for her performance as Raimunda in Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver. The film was well received by film critics, and was included on multiple film critics’ top ten film lists for 2006.She speaks four languages: Spanish, Italian, French and English.Cruz learned to speak Italian for her role in Don’t Move.She was a vegetarian in her youth and has spoken out about bullfights.Cruz, an animal lover, picked up a stray dog when filming Bandidas in Mexico and took it back to her Los Angeles home.

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